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Poseidon's Palace is an enterable building in Saints Row 2.


It is located in the Hotels & Marina District, and has two stories of casino games. It is possible to play Blackjack and Poker.

There is a exit on the second story. Outside is a boardwalk, a large swimming pool, tennis courts and pool-side tanning.

The 3rd Street Saints first move against The Ronin is to rob the casino in the mission "Saint's Seven". This instigates a gang war between the two rivals which lasts until the end of the game.

The event also triggers some conflict between The Ronin and one of their clients, The Ultor Corporation. While conducting an investigation following the robbery, Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw admits to Jane Valderama on live TV, that one of Ultor's investments was stolen by the Saints.[1]

Dane Vogel, Chairman of Ultor later meets in private with Shogo Akuji, leader of The Ronin, concerning the casino heist. Although Shogo still promises to retrieve the stolen money from the Saints, Vogel tells him not to worry about it anymore because the casino investment money was insured. However, Vogel does point out that the Saints were becoming a major concern, and that Ultor was paying The Ronin to protect its interests. Something which they failed to do by letting the Saints storm the casino.[2] Later on, this ultimately leads to the breakup of the partnership between Ultor and The Ronin.[3]

Nate, a gambler who lost his money to a French wine baron can be killed here by The Protagonist as a Hitman Target.


  • The name of this casino is inspired by the real life Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
  • There is a Poseidon's Palace variant of the DonoVan, which is a shuttle bus for the Casino and features a large advertisement on the side, as well as a custom license plate which says "PALACE".
  • In Steelport, there is a non-enterable building with the same name in New Baranec.


  • Concept art of the building
  • Early concept art of the interior
  • Concept art of the interior
  • Concept art of the interior
  • Artwork seen in Poseidon's Palace
  • Concept art of the pool at the rear of Poseidon's Palace
  • Poseidon's Palace DonoVan - left in Saints Row 2
  • Poseidon's Palace exterior - aerial view
  • poseidon's palace exterior
  • poseidon's palace interior1
  • poseidon's palace interior2
  • poseidon's palace interior3
  • poseidon's palace interior4
  • poseidon's palace interior5
  • poseidon's palace interior6
  • poseidon's palace interior7
  • poseidon's palace interior8
  • poseidon's palace interior9
  • Poseidon's Palace in Saints Row: Total Control
  • Poseidon's Palace - sign texture
  • Poseidon's Palace in Saints Row: The Third


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