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of Zimos and the Pony Cart before entering Safeword in "Return to Steelport".

L ponycart
Pony Cart - front right in Saints Row The Third
The Pony Cart in Saints Row: The Third
Pony Cart - front right in Saints Row IV
The Pony Cart in Saints Row IV


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Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV




Return to Steelport
At the Races

Randomly Parked


The Pony Cart is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

The Protagonist: "Can't this guy go any faster?"
Pierce: "I don't think it works that way..."
The Protagonist and Pierce, referring to Zimos while riding the Pony Cart.[1]


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Four Pony Carts make an appearance in the game, during the mission "Return to Steelport". After rescuing Zimos from Safeword, The Protagonist and Pierce escape Safeword by climbing in a Pony Cart which Zimos pulls. Three Morningstar Pony Carts give chase, although they are quickly destroyed in the ensuing firefight.

Pony Carts do not spawn outside of the mission, but can be added to the garage by editing the cheats file.

Saints Row IVEdit

The Pony Cart is present in the game files of Saints Row IV. It does not normally spawn, but it is possible to edit the cheat file to add it to the garage.

In Enter the Dominatrix, the Pony Cart is used in the mission "At the Races" by Zimos and other competitors. As in Saints Row: The Third, they do not normally spawn outside of the mission.


  • There are no Cheats for this vehicle.
  • When added to the garage via an edited cheats file, the Pony Cart does not have a gimp pulling the cart. The driver takes the position of the Gimp, allowing 2 passengers in sit in the back. As the gimp animation is not loaded, the driver defaults to a static pose. The first passenger stands in the vehicle, while the second passenger sits. The same results occur when a Homie drives the vehicle.
  • Although the gimp pulling the Pony Cart is technically the driver, damaging him causes the Pony Cart to explode.
  • Before entering Safeword in the mission "Return to Steelport", Zimos is holding onto the Pony Cart outside, on one of the grass mounds. It is possible to enter the cart, but it does not move.[screenshot?]
  • Further up the hill by Zimos is an empty Pony Cart that can be pulled around. It's a non-customizable vehicle and cannot be stored at a crib's garage. Despite the "store in garage" icon being able to be interacted with at a crib, pressing the store button only exits the vehicle. Exiting the mission causes the cart to disappear.
  • There is only one variant in each game, named "Default"
  • The Pony Cart's low max speed also limits how fast it falls, and when dropped from a great height it obtains almost no damage.
  • The Pony Cart has four wheels, the front two wheels are only visible in the Garage menu and when submerged in water.


  • Pony Cart in the Saints Row The Third Garage
  • Pierce and The Protagonist in a Pony Cart while Zimos "drives" in "Return to Steelport" in Saints Row: The Third
  • The Pony Cart in "Return to Steelport" in Saints Row: The Third, displaying the logo
  • Three Pony Carts give chase in "Return to Steelport" in Saints Row: The Third
  • Pony Cart in Saints Row: The Third
  • Pony Cart in Saints Row: The Third
  • Pony Cart in Saints Row: The Third
  • Pony Cart in Saints Row: The Third
  • The Pony Cart in Saints Row IV
  • The Pony Cart in Saints Row IV
  • Pony Cart (Default) - front in Saints Row IV
  • Pony Cart (Default) - rear in Saints Row IV
  • Pony Cart (Default) - side in Saints Row IV


  1. Mission: Return to Steelport
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