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Police Headquarters
Stilwater police dept

Stilwater Police Department






Assault on Precinct 31




Saints Row 2

The Police Headquarters, AKA Precinct 31,[1] is a building in Saints Row 2.


The Stilwater Police Department Headquarters is located in the Harrowgate neighborhood of the Saint's Row District.

Shaundi and The Protagonist enter the headquarters in order to tap into the traffic surveillance system to find The General.[1] The title of the mission is the only time it is ever referred to as "Precinct 31", and that name does not appear in dialogue during the mission or at any other point in the game.

Phone TapsEdit

There are 3 phone tap recordings in the Stilwater Detective Bureau on the third floor. After listening to them, a file on Julius becomes available in Chief Bradshaw's office, which contains Dex's phone number. Calling Dex unlocks the bonus mission.[2]

Phone Tap SR2 VOC SP 08088
Phone Tap audio #1
Phone Tap SR2 VOC SP 08087
Phone Tap audio #2
Phone Tap SR2 VOC SP 08086
Phone Tap audio #3
Phone Call SR2 VOC SP 05069
Dex phone call

Badass Cop of the MonthEdit

Badass cop of the month

Source image from the game files

On the ground floor of the building there is a trophy case displaying the Badass Cop of the Month competition. There are 5 photos displayed, with trophies and kill counts.

  • A male African-American
    Three trophies and 25 kills with the RPG Launcher.
  • A male caucasian
    Five trophies and 46 kills with a Samurai Sword.
  • A female caucasian
    Two trophies and 18 kills with the Chainsaw.
  • A male African-American
    Two trophies and 14 kills with a Mini-Gun.
  • A female caucasian
    No trophies and 3 kills with a Samurai Sword.


  • Although it is a police building, normal Civilians spawn in the upstairs lounge area, playing video games and pinball machines. A sign on the wall states that this area is a Recreation Center.[screenshot?]
  • There is a 10% chance of a Tornado spawning on the rooftop helipad.
  • On the third floor is a plaque dedicated to Police Chief Monroe.[3]
  • Chief Bradshaw's office is through the Detective Bureau room on the third floor.
  • There are graphs in the Detective Bureau of various funny statistics.[4]
  • Across from the Public Relations room is a wall with that has pictures of Stilwater's "Most Wanted". It contains the pictures of The General, Carlos, Jessica, Maero, Shaundi, and Pierce.[5]
  • The Police Headquarters is build on the site of the docks from the mission Reclamation, in which Troy was a Homie and shot at cops.


  • Police Headquarters exterior
  • Stilwater's most wanted
  • Graphs in the police station
  • Wong Tazer
  • Police badge from the front desk
  • Police Headquarters - lobby
  • Police Headquarters - hallway between Conference rooms and Locker rooms
  • Police Headquarters - Trophy case
  • Police Headquarters - monument
  • Police Headquarters - male cop coming out of female locker room
  • Police Headquarters - Chief plaque
  • Police Headquarters - Detective Bureau with phone tap markers
  • Police Headquarters - Chief Troy Bradshaw reception
  • Police Headquarters - diorama in Troy's office


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