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Pirate Ship in Stilwater Boardwalk

Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship is one of 32 Secret Areas in Saints Row 2.

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Not to be confused with Shipwreck Cove


This ship is docked in a habour in the Stilwater Boardwalk neighorhood. It appears to be a restaurant, and multiple Civilians will spawn there.

The ship is featured in Hitman, the target Seabaugh will only show up after going to the ship.

It is also featured in the mission Ultor Family Fun Day, where one of the sniper targets appears on the ship. He requires multiple shots to be killed, and will taunt the player from a distance after each shot.

It is not possible to enter the boat's cabin or go below deck, but there are several chairs and wooden barrels that can be used as Improvised Weapons.

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The ship is a Cliper ship.


  • Pirate Ship - from south
  • Pirate Ship - front deck
  • Pirate Ship - cannons
  • Pirate Ship - main deck
  • Pirate Ship - rear deck


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