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Phillips Building
The Phillips Building
Owner Ultor
City Stilwater
Neighborhood Mission Beach
Missions ...and a Better Life
Enterable Always (with helicopter)
Games Saints Row 2

The Phillips Building is a skyscraper in Saints Row 2.


Located in the Saint's Row, the Phillips Building is the tallest building in Stilwater, standing 71 floors high, and is the main base of operations for the Ultor Corporation. Dane Vogel, the former Chairman and CEO of Ultor had his main office located here.

The area surrounding the building features many statues and monuments, displaying Ultors Power in Stilwater. There are many people in business attire in this area.

The Phillips building was constructed some time between the events of Saints Row and Saints Row 2. It is first directly pictured during the end cutscene of the first mission Jailbreak, and while no missions take place there until the epilogue, it can be seen from almost anywhere in Stilwater, making it very useful for navigation.

The building's security systems are powered by 4 generators located in 4 separate locations along the building's exterior.

During the mission ...and a Better Life, The Protagonist shoots out one of the windows on the top floor using an Ultor-variant of the Tornado before assassinating Dane Vogel.


  • It is possible to enter the top floor of Dane Vogel's office outside of missions, by flying an aircraft through the windows.
  • The four generator alcoves are fully destructible and it is possible to enter them outside of missions.
  • Halfway up the building there is a helipad, where a Horizon can sometime spawn.
  • The Protagonist may randomly say "Who's the asshole Ultor named their building after?" while idle.
    • It is never revealed who the in-game Phillips is, but taking a look at the Saints Row 2 credits shows that a Scott Phillips is a Project Design Architect for the game. Given that a number of buildings, companies, and locations have the same names as people who worked on the game[1], it is likely that Scott Phillips is the person Volition, Inc. named the building after.
  • Random pedestrians can be seen jumping off the building and committing suicide. This can be easily observed by flying a small helicopter eg. a Destroy or Gyro Daddy near the midsection of the building and hovering there for a few minutes.
  • It does not appear in the depiction of Stilwater in Saints Row: The Third.


  • The Phillips Building.
  • Interior of the Phillips Building.
  • Dane Vogel in his office.
  • Phillips Building (door)
  • One of the Main doors.
  • Phillips Building Sign
  • Concept art of Dane's office


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