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Penthouse Loft

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Penthouse Loft
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Tidal Spring




Saints Row 2

The Penthouse Loft is a Crib in Saints Row 2.


This Crib is located in the Tidal Spring neighborhood of the Suburbs District.

It costs $40,000, and contains all crib components except for Gang Customization, and has a Helipad on the roof.


There are 14 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall Style Average[1]
Table Domino table[3]
Nice pool table[4]
Grand Piano[5]
Home Theatre 10 inch TV[6]
24 inch TV[7]
50 inch Plasma[8]
Stripper Pole Column[9]
Pimp pole[11]
Bed Twin size[12]
King size[13]
Pimp Double Bed[14]

Improvised WeaponsEdit

There are a number of Improvised Weapons present inside.



  • Building in Saints Row
  • Logo on the Penthouse Loft in Saints Row
  • Penthouse Loft purchased
  • The Penthouse Loft in Saints Row 2
  • The Penthouse Loft in Saints Row 2
  • Elevator to the apartment in Saints Row 2
  • Lower floor of the Penthouse Loft in Saints Row 2
  • Upper floor of the Penthouse Loft in Saints Row 2
  • Average Overall Style
  • Pimp Overall Style
  • Domino table
  • Nice pool table
  • Grand Piano
  • 10 inch TV
  • 24 inch TV
  • 50 inch plasma
  • Columns
  • Torchieres
  • Pimp poles
  • Twin size bed
  • King size bed
  • Pimp double bed


  1. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Overall Style - Average

    Average Overall Style

  2. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Overall Style - Pimp

    Pimp Overall Style

  3. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Domino table

    Domino table

  4. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Nice pool table

    Nice pool table

  5. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Grand Piano

    Grand Piano

  6. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - 10 inch TV

    10 inch TV

  7. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - 24 inch TV

    24 inch TV

  8. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - 50 inch plasma

    50 inch plasma

  9. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Column


  10. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Torchiere


  11. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Pimp pole

    Pimp poles

  12. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Twin size bed

    Twin size bed

  13. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - King size bed

    King size bed

  14. Image:
    Penthouse Loft - Pimp Double Bed

    Pimp double bed

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