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One Man's Junk...
One Man's Junk... mission complete
"One Man's Junk..." mission completion screen
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The Ronin




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"One Man's Junk..." is the eleventh and final mission of the The Ronin story arc in Saints Row 2.

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For the cutscene, see One Man's Junkie...

Heritage Festival lacks festivity
Ultor Times newspaper headline


After Kazuo Akuji's narrow escape at the end of the previous mission,[2] The Protagonist has assigned Johnny Gat to guard Mr. Wong and his translator, which annoys them a little. Sure enough, as the three walk down along the Stilwater Boardwalk during the Chinese Heritage Festival, The Ronin launch one final desperate attack. During the assault, Gat is separated from the other two. As Kazuo and Mr. Wong begin to duel, Mr. Wong's translator calls The Protagonist, who is at Technically Legal, and informs them on what has happened.[3]

The Protagonist takes a Shark and arrives at the festival. After killing all of The Ronin ransacking the festival, The Protagonist then crosses the junk boats, searching for Mr. Wong and Kazuo Akuji. They arrive just in time to see Kazuo defeat Mr. Wong and push him down some stairs aboard a junk, and then The Protagonist enters a duel with Kazuo, reminiscent of The Protagonist's duel with Jyunichi,[4] although Kazuo uses only one sword. Kazuo seemingly defeats The Protagonist as well, but the latter pulls out a concealed VICE 9 and shoots Kazuo in the chest. Defeated, Kazuo asks them to finish it. After The Protagonist gloats over their victory and forces Kazuo to scream down the phone to Mr. Wong, they then jump from the boat as it explodes, leaving Kazuo to burn to death.[5]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A Chinese heritage festival turned into a massacre as members of a street gang known as the Ronin laid siege to the unsuspecting festival goers. While it appeared that no one would be able to stop the wanton violence, salvation to the people of Stilwater was brought in the unlikely form of the 3rd Street Saints. As fire from burning kiosks and junks lit the sky, the Ronin were forced back as the leader of the Saints drove off the murderous Ronin.


One Man's Junk...

Gameplay from the mission.

Get to the dock before the Ronin destroy the Heritage Festival

Outside of the Technically Legal strip club, follow the route on the map and head north down to the nearby dock.

Get on the watercraft

Get on the Shark watercraft and head east towards the festival.

After completing this objective, any vehicle can be used.

Get to the Heritage Festival before the Ronin destroy it

Along the way, a Thompson flies ahead of The Protagonist and drops explosive barrels while strafing left and right. If hit, the Shark may flip over, and eventually explodes if hit too many times. Furthermore, there is little point in attacking the Thompson as it is soon replaced by another one when destroyed. Try driving slightly from side to side in a pattern or staying close to a shoreline to avoid most of the barrels - don't worry about getting indirectly hit a few times. After getting on the Shark, one can immediately disembark once the objective marker changes to the festival and use a car or helicopter for transport instead.

Kill the Ronin

Once at the festival, there are twenty marked Ronin lieutenants spread throughout the Stilwater Boardwalk.

Get on the junk boats and save Wong

After killing all of The Ronin on the shore, board the festival junk boats and get to the last boat before Mr. Wong dies.

There are several ways to get through the boats, however Mr. Wong's health is constantly lowering.

The fastest route is: head into the first junk boat; turn left and back outside the boat; head up the stairs; go through the interior of this floor and out the other side (don't go up the stairs); turn left and go along the walkway to the second junk boat; travel along the edge of the back of the boat here (along the thin green ledge) and fall onto the next walkway; enter the final junk boat; go to the left once inside and go up the stairs on the outside; and finally go up the stairs on the right on the second floor, which are highlighted with a blue marker.

Kill Kazuo Akuji
One Man's Junk... 2

Despite the duel ending with The Protagonist performing a fatal finishing move on Kazuo Akuji, the following cutscene portrays the latter gaining a brief upperhand.

The final battle with Kazuo Akuji uses Samurai Swords, much like with Jyunichi in "Kanto Connection". The same rules apply here - simply counter his attacks, and, if possible, attack him before he gets up - unlike the fight with Jyunichi, there are no other enemies present.

Kazuo can be lured towards the fire downstairs as set ablaze, which causes major damage to him.

Despite Kazuo being seemingly defeated, the final cutscene initially portrays otherwise, but as The Protagonist pulls a gun on him and the rest of the cutscene plays out, the mission ends, as do The Ronin.


  • Stilwater Boardwalk neighborhood unlocked
  • Shogo Akuji's Kaneda unlocked
  • Ronin vehicles unlocked
  • Ronin Personality unlocked
  • Johnny Gat Homie unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
MUS SHARED 00070 News update (One Man's Junk)
Jane Valderamma: "The Chinese Heritage Festival...a time for fun, egg drop soup and tonight...murder. It was here that the notorious street gang known as "The Ronin" terrorized the festival presumidly looking for tea house entrepaneur, Mr. Wong. As fires burned junk and Tai chi practicioner alike, the festival goers were rescued by an unlikely savior...the Third Street Saints. I'm Jane Valderamma, channel 6 news."


Newspaper rn11 One Man's Junk...

The Ultor Times newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • The title of this mission both refers to the idiom "one man's junk is another man's treasure" (although usually referred to as "one man's trash") and a junk ship; a sailing vessel of Chinese origin.
  • Occasionally, the music that plays on the boats is the same music that can be heard during the fight with Jyunichi in Kanto during the mission "Kanto Connection".
  • It is possible to spawn another weapon via cheats. Any weapon, even a Sledgehammer, can easily beat Kazuo.
  • The cutscene "Coup de Gras" is supposed to be "Coup de grâce", which is French for "Finishing Stroke" because that is how The Protagonist backstabs Kazuo Akuji; by using the sword right through his chest.
  • The barrels used by Ronin Thompsons use Satchel Charges statistics, explosion sound and ability to stick to an obstacle.
  • In the cutscene "Big Problems in Little China", the doors of Ronin Hayate Z70 open outward, as on a regular vehicle, despite the fact that the Hayate Z70 normally has scissor doors.


"Big Problems in Little China" cutsceneEdit

Mr. Wong: "*speaks Mandarin*"
Translator: "You don't need to follow me like a child."
Johnny Gat: "The boss asked me to make sure The Ronin don't crash your party, and that's what I'm going to do."
A Ronin Hayate Z70 arrives, alerting Gat.
Johnny Gat: "Wong...get out of here..."
Gat fights off the incoming Ronin as Wong and his translator try to escape, but they come to a sudden halt as Kazuo Akuji appears.
Kazuo Akuji: "Wong."
Mr. Wong: "Akuji."
Kazuo Akuji: "Leave us cripple."
The Translator looks at Wong, who motions him and he leaves.
Kazuo Akuji: "You understand English, yes?"
Mr. Wong: "I understand enough."
Kazuo Akuji: "Be thankful for the merciful deaths you and your rabble are receiving... it's nothing compared to what I will do to the Saints when I'm through here."
Mr. Wong: "You talk too much."
Wong pulls out his revolver. Meanwhile, The Protagonist comes out a bar as his phone rings and he answers it.
The Protagonist: "You got good timing..."
Translator: "Mr. Wong needs your help!"
The Protagonist: "What's wrong?"
Translator: "The Ronin have attacked the heritage festival, Mr. Wong won't last against Akuji."
The Protagonist: "Where's Gat?"
Translator: "He ran off to fight the Ronin as they approached."
The Protagonist: "Sit tight, I'm on my way."
— "Big Problems in Little China" cutscene


It ends here...
Wong 185 It ends here
— Mr. Wong

Kazuo Akuji (subtitle): "*Speaks Japanese*"
Kazuo Akuji (audio): "おまいろじんばいら!"
Kazuo Akuji (translation): "?"
Akuji strikes Wong, knocking him down the stairs as The Protagonist arrives, carrying a Samurai Sword.
The Protagonist: "No one touches Wong..."


I don't need your help...
Wong 183 I don't need your help
— Wong, labelled "Player Interfere"

I won't forget this
Wong 184 I won't forget this
— Wong, labelled "Saved"

"Coup de Gras" cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist attacks a downed Akuji with a katana, which Akuji strikes out of The Protagonist's grip.
Akuji strikes at The Protagonist, who blocks the attack with their hand on Akuji's forearm. Akuji pushes The Protagonist to the floor.
Kazuo Akuji: "Did you really think you could match my skill?"
The Protagonist takes out a gun and shoots Akuji in the chest.
The Protagonist: "No, I'm gonna cheat."
The Protagonist points the gun at Akuji's head.
Kazuo Akuji: "Finish it."
The Protagonist: "No."
The Protagonist spots Akuji's sword, picks it up, kicks Akuji to the ground and stabs him in the back.
Kazuo Akuji: "*wincing*"
The Protagonist takes out his phone
The Protagonist: "Put Wong on the phone. Hey Wong, I want you to hear something..."
The Protagonist: "Come on. Be a good sport..."
The Protagonist twists the blade in Akuji's back.
Kazuo Akuji: "*screams*"
The Protagonist: "You hear that Wong? You're welcome. Thanks."
Kazuo Akuji: "When I escape, the world will not be big enough for you to hide in."
The Protagonist: "Luckily for me you're gonna burn to death in a few minutes."
The Protagonist: "Your son never should've fucked with my friends."
The Protagonist runs and leaps off the burning boat into the water.
— "Coup de Gras" cutscene


  • The Chinese Heritage Festival's junks
  • Mr. Wong's Translator, Mr. Wong and Johnny Gat
  • Johnny Gat, Mr. Wong and his Mr. Wong's Translator
  • Johnny Gat shooting a Ronin car
  • Johnny Gat hit by a Ronin car
  • Johnny Gat shooting two Ronin
  • Two dead Ronin
  • Mr. Wong and his Mr. Wong's Translator
  • Kazuo Akuji, Mr. Wong's Translator and Mr. Wong
  • Kazuo Akuji
  • Mr. Wong
  • Mr. Wong's Translator calling The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist fighting against Kazuo Akuji
  • The Protagonist kicking Kazuo Akuji
  • The Protagonist killing Kazuo Akuji
  • Kazuo Akuji and The Protagonist
  • Kazuo Akuji and The Protagonist fighting each other
  • Kazuo Akuji
  • Kazuo Akuji and The Protagonist
  • Kazuo Akuji being shot by The Protagonist
  • Kazuo Akuji and The Protagonist
  • One of The Chinese Heritage Festival's boat on fire
  • Kazuo Akuji screams in pain
  • The Protagonist twists the sword on Kazuo Akuji's back causing him to scream
  • The Protagonist and Kazuo Akuji
  • The Protagonist preparing the escape the junk on fire
  • The Protagonist jumping from the junk on fire
  • The junk exploding
  • Loading screen used after completing "One Man's Junk..."
  • Loading screen used after completing "One Man's Junk..."
  • Loading screen used after completing "One Man's Junk..."


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