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SRG New Hades map

Map of New Hades

New Hades is the location of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]


Star saints

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New Hades has 6 Districts,[1] and 82 Neighborhoods.

Star saints

Remember to also mark takeover targets on the New Hades Map

District Hoods Takeover
(8 Hoods)
Angels End ?
The Forlorn Path ?
Loveless Rock ?
Feast of Worms ?
Garden of Souls Salvation
Forever Sands Marshalling Grounds
Wrathful Plains ?
Teetering Hope ?
Downtown Veiled Sentry ?
DeWynter View ?
Cardinals Glance ?
Dragonskin ?
Angel Tears ?
Smoke Pass ?
Lucres Pyre Hellblazing
Executioners Brace ?
Devils Grasp ?
Blistering Pools ?
Tormented Station ?
Spire Watch ?
Firststone ?
Azazels Court ?
Seers Tongue Hellblazing
Rebellion Square ?
Goldenyard ?
Faithless Hill Hellblazing
The Pride Marshalling Grounds
Dragonbone ?
Dockside ?
Hellpointe ?
Cursed Edge ?
Forge (17 Hoods) Black Door ?
The Deep ?
Dagons Breath ?
The Walls Salvation
Avernus ?
The Stacks ?
Burnt Offerings ?
Liars Line Hellblazing
Ultor Welcome to Hell
The Runoff ?
Soul Pyre ?
Abu Dis ?
Hellwrought ?
The Edge ?
Abyssal Gate Marshalling Grounds
Morningstar ?
The Plutonion ?
Shantytown Crossed Sticks ?
Purgatory Pass ?
Impalement Gardens ?
Calamity Street ?
Sinners Circle Marshalling Grounds
Six Points ?
Corpse Corner ?
Broken Cross ?
Omega Court ?
Goats Heart ?
Night Echoes ?
Languish Lane ?
Frog Square Hellblazing
Gluttons End ?
Spirit Bilge ?
Tenebrion Tunnel ?
Shadows Pass ?
Tenth Circle Penitentiary ?
Blight ?
The Den Seven Gates Int. ?
Last Glance Hellblazing
Bards Bastille ?
Murmurs Tomb Marshalling Grounds
Satans Brilliance ?
Lost Wages ?
Cuckolds Lair ?
Drudes Crossing Hellblazing
Endless Alley ?
Scorned Woman ?
The Kennel ?
Debtors Den Salvation
Stained Land ?
Banished Isle ?
Rotting Sinews ?
Tower The Fallen One Defeat Satan


  • Other islands as visible in the distance, but are inaccessible.
  • When flying too far from New Hades, the message "You will not gain Satan's Wrath out here" is displayed, and Gat or Kinzie says "I can't leave the boss here...".
  • The city is roughly half the size of Steelport.[2]
  • In the PAX Prime demo, there were only 81 neighborhoods.[3]


  • New Hades map in IGN Gameplay video


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