Steelport - New Colvin

New Colvin is a District in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third and Virtual Steelport in Saints Row IV.


New Colvin is the eastern district of Steelport. During the storyline of Saints Row: The Third the Morningstar gang from the Syndicate own the neighborhoods of this district. Those being: Wesley Cutter Intl, Rosen Oaks, Camano Place and Espina. Zimos is a pimp and a lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints tasked with bringing down the Morningstar and lives in the area, in Espina, on the southern part of the island.

New Colvin is a middle & upper class area, which can be seen by many of the nice suburban houses found in the district in all the neighborhoods with the exception of Wesley Cutter Intl.

City TakeoverEdit

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Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

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Saints Row IVEdit



  • New Colvin was built in 1789, making it the second oldest district in Steelport.
  • It is possible to warp into the Genkibowl VII arena by flying the aircraft south-east, jumping out and warping to shore.
    • This was also possible before the release of the actual DLC pack.
  • The name may be a reference to Howard "Bunny" Colvin, a character on The Wire.
  • In Enter the Dominatrix, New Colvin was to be called "Forbidden Zone".[1]


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