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New Colvin is a district in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third and Virtual Steelport in Saints Row IV.


New Colvin is an island and district in the city of Steelport which features in Saints Row: The Third. During the storyline the Morningstar gang from the Syndicate own the neighborhoods of in the New Colvin District. Those being: Wesley Cutter Intl, Rosen Oaks, Camano Place and Espina. Zimos is a Lieutenant tasked with bringing down the Morningstar and lives in the area, in Espina, on the southern part of the island. He is also a pimp. New Colvin is a middle & upper class area, which can be seen by many of the nice suburban houses found in the district in all the neighborhoods with the exception of Wesley Cutter Intl.




  • New Colvin was built in 1789, making it the second oldest district in Steelport.
  • If you go to the most south eastern part of New Colvin, get an air craft and keep flying south east; if you jump out into the water then warp to shore you can warp into the Genkibowl VII arena, this was also possible before the release of the actual DLC pack.
  • The name may be a reference to Howard "Bunny" Colvin, a character on The Wire.
  • In Enter The Dominatrix, New Colvin was to be called "Forbidden Zone".[1]



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