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N-Forcer - STAG Riot variant - front right
The N-Forcer in Saints Row: The Third
STAG N-Forcer in Saints Row IV - front right
The N-Forcer in Saints Row IV
Saints N-Forcer in Saints Row The Third - front right
Saints N-Forcer in Saints Row IV
Saints N-Forcer in Saints Row IV - front right


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Saints N-Forcer

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The N-Forcer is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The N-Forcer is STAG's primary fast-attack/recon vehicle and is functionally STAG's answer to the SNG's Bulldog.

It takes appearance of an enormous white and black MRAP vehicle. In contrast to the Bulldog, it has significantly heavier firepower and armor, replacing the Bulldog's mounted machine gun with a repeating laser gun. However, its small side windows prevent the driver or passengers from firing their personal weapons. Due to this, it can be entered in a fast way only through a windshield. This vehicle has a short-routed exhaust system, with the tip being an upright tip mounted on the right-hand edge of the hood. This feature is easily noticed when nitrous is used.

N-Forcers serve as STAG's main delivery vehicle; they are durable and bulky enough to perform as roadblocking vehicles, they are heavy enough to serve as personnel carriers, finally they are fast enough for reconnaissance use - all of this comes however, at a price. The N-Forcer is slower than the Bulldog, as well as larger and thus easier to hit. Boasting a reinforced chassis, the N-Forcer cannot be crushed by tanks, but its armor is not quite up to the strength of an upgraded Bulldog or Bear.

The N-Forcer's moderate armor and mounted repeating laser makes it a pretty good vehicle for Survival Diversions and clearing Gang Operations. It tends to do a bit poorer in heavy combat situations, however, since whilst its armor is fairly thick, it simply is not thick enough to stand up to heavy combat against the likes of APCs and tanks like the Challenger or the Crusader.

Saints N-ForcerEdit

Saints N-Forcer is a vehicle in the Special Ops Vehicle Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

After purchasing the Special Ops Vehicle Pack, the Saints N-Forcer is automatically added to the Garage.

In Saints Row IV, the vehicle is added to the garage using the "unlockitall" cheat.

It is painted purple, with hints of black and gold. It has Saints fleurs-de-lis and St. logos.

Saints Row IVEdit

The N-Forcer makes an appearance in Kinzie's Loyalty mission "Kinzie's Adventures" where it must be destroyed along with other STAG vehicles. These cannot be entered, so cannot be saved.


There are 4 variants of the N-Forcer, 3 of which have "No Turret" alternate variants, making for total of 7 variants.

There is also a separate Saints N-Forcer which is part of the Special Ops Vehicle Pack DLC.

  • No weapon, riot handles or STAG Compenents.
  • Gloss Jet Black paint. 25% Grime. 40% Tint.
  • Random Metal Rims. Chrome and Black Titanium Trim.
  • Has Turret and No Turret variants.
  • No Riot handles
  • STAG Compenents
  • 75% Grime, STAG Decals, 40% Tint.
  • STAG White and Matte Jet Black paint. Ice White Interior.
  • Black Titanium Rims. Chrome and Black Titanium Trim.

This variant is parked at multiple STAG bases[1], and is also found aboard the Daedalus.[2]

It often drives around Loren Square after Steelport is occupied[3]. It is unlocked in the Garage after the "Kill Killbane" ending of "Three Way".

STAG N-Forcer

Turretless N-Forcer from "My Name is Cyrus Temple".

A weaponless STAG variant is provided in the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple". In a single player game, it cannot be stored in the Garage or otherwise obtained outside of this mission without modifying the game files.

It can be obtained in Co-op if the guest leaves the N-Forcer outside of the Saints HQ and does not enter any other vehicles for the remainder of the mission.

  • Has Turret and No Turret variants.
  • Riot handles
  • Same as STAG

The only difference between the normal STAG variant is a set of "Riot handles" on the both side edges of a roof.

N-Forcer - NG variant - front left

National Guard N-Forcer

NG (National Guard)
  • Has Turret and No Turret variants.
  • Same as STAG.
  • 50% Grime. No decals.
  • National Guard Tan paint.

This variant is used by STAG during the "Learning Computer" mission, just before reaching Arapice Island. It is possible to keep one by stealing one and cancelling the mission.

This variant is also obtainable via the cheat "givenforcer".

The weaponless tan N-Forcer is not found during a normal course of the game.


The N-Forcer has a total of 6 Vehicle Customization options in both games. It does not have Wheel Options available.

  • 2 Weapon 1s
  • 1 Decal 1s
  • 2 Body Kits
  • 1 Decal 2s
  • Body Color (2 sections) - Not available on Saints N-Forcer
  • Rim Color
  • Trim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color


  • The Cheat for the National Guard N-Forcer is "givenforcer".
  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row IV.
  • The N-Forcer loosely resembles the NIMR II 4x4 and Oshkosh M-ATV. It also resembles Otokar Cobra Armoured Vehicle.
    • In addition, it is similar to the EDF Scout.
  • The N-Forcer is unable to be completely crushed by any tank. However, its wheels can be knocked off if a tank collides with them. Also, the front of the N-Forcer can be crushed.
    • Unlike other vehicles, N-Forcer's wheels simply disappear instead of being detached.
  • When the N-Forcer is destroyed using the Annihilator, its turret may become stuck in the ground.
  • Ramming a car with the N-Forcer at high speed may cause the car to become stuck in the ground.
  • Similar to the Bear, N-Forcer emits an alarm when it is severely damaged before catching on fire.
  • The N-Forcer with a mounted turret does not allow passengers to shoot their weapon they carry. However, turretless variant does.
  • The N-Forcer is based on the Bulldog.[4]
  • SWAT homies with Riot Shields can ride on the sides of the N-Forcer.
  • As with all of the content of the Special Ops Vehicle Pack, the Saints N-Forcer is stored on the game disk in the released version of the game and can be accessed through modding on the PC.[5]



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