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Stilwater Natural History Museum

Museum is a District in Stilwater.


It is a relatively small district in the north island of Stilwater and consists of two neighborhoods: Amberbrook and Humbolt Park. The Ronin run an illegal porn ring out of the science museum, until the 3rd Street Saints take over.[mission?]

The District has many densely compact museum buildings, only some that are enterable. In Amberbrook there is a large peninsula with ancient ruins on them, turned into a current day out-door museum.


Enterable buildings
Non-enterable buildings
  • The Shops at Amberbrook
    • Balance
    • Bear outdoor clothier
    • Viral
    • Shear Intensity Hair Salo
    • Clique & Drag
    • All That Jazz
    • POWERbottom SHOES[sic] , put power into your bottom
    • akustics, the sound of fashion (Logo is @)


  • The Museum district is one of several which are expanded in Saints Row 2.


  • Museum map in Saints Row
  • Reflections of non-existing buildings to the north of the Museum district in Saints Row
  • Stilwater Natural History Museum
  • The sign at Mt Limpus
  • Eromenos banner
  • Museum of Paleontology
  • Eromenos Museum logo worn by Civilian


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