Murderbot in Power Up CID in Saints Row IV
Appears in

Saints Row IV


Zin Empire


Minethrower Arm
Lasergun Arm

Murderbots are characters in Saints Row IV.


Murderbots are robotic enemies affiliated with the Zin Empire which are introduced in the mission "Power Up CID".

In battle they are summoned via Portals and attack The Protagonist by shooting at them with either the Lasergun Arm or the Minethrower Arm. When a Murderbot is destroyed, it may snap in half and the upper torso crawls towards The Protagonist. This can be avoided by destroying the the head first.


  • The Murderbot is a reference to the Terminators from the Terminator franchise.
  • The crawling torso is a reference to the end of the first Terminator movie where Sarah Connor is pursued by the Terminator even after its lower body is destroyed.
  • They are called Murderbots by The Protagonist, and the Zin never mention them.
  • The "voice" That the Murderbots have sound similar to the "voice" of the Sentry Bots from Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas.


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