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Mr. Sunshine
The Sunshine
Mr. Sunshine in Saints Row 2
Mr Sunshine Saints Row IV Appearance
Mr. Sunshine in Saints Row IV
Appears in Saints Row 2
Saints Row IV (Voice Only)[1]
Also known as Sunshine
Papa Shango[2]
Gender Male
Home Stilwater
Virtual Steelport
Affiliations Sons of Samedi
Occupation(s) Business Owner
Drug Trafficker
Voodoo Priest
Radio Host
Voiced by Phil Lamarr

Mr. Sunshine is a character in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV.[3]

The Protagonist: "Who the fuck are you?"
Mr. Sunshine: "They call me Mr. Sunshine."
— Mr. Sunshine, in his first encounter with The Protagonist.


Saints Row 2Edit

Mr. Sunshine was The General's right hand man and the Sons of Samedi's second in command. He was incredibly devoted to The General, but seemingly disliked Veteran Child.[4] He was a violent man when prompted, once slashing an innocent bystander in a music store to clear the place out[5] and shooting an addict who wanted to buy the drugs from the 3rd Street Saints, sparing Veteran Child's life only on The General's order. He possessed some kind of Voodoo Power while holding a Voodoo Doll, as he was able to become immortal and send The Protagonist flying without even touching them while manipulating the doll. He often carried a machete as his weapon of choice and a sceptre made from a wooden shaft topped with a skull on top and ending in a spike. He has a hideout at a meat packing plant in The Mills, located in the Factories District. He tried to protect the Samedi's business from the Saints, but failed continuously to thwart them. As punishment, The General cuts his left ear off.[6] He later enlisted multiple addicts to attack the Drug Factory, swearing he would let them keep all the drugs for themselves.[7] The Protagonist later fought him in the meat packing plant, and was annoyed when he continued to fight even after being shot multiple times in the chest, so he fired an entire magazine into him and beheaded him with his own machete, before chucking his decapitated head onto a conveyor belt.[8]

Saints Row IVEdit

Mr. Sunshine is the DJ for 103.6 420 FM in Saints Row IV.[3]


  • Darius Masters, the DJ of The Mix 107.77, claims that Mr. Sunshine's favourite song is Karma Chameleon by the Culture Club.
  • Mr. Sunshine seems to have high pain tolerance, as he willingly lets his ear be cut off and does not make any noise indicating pain, although he clenches his fist, showing he does feel it and that he bleeds.
  • Mr Sunshine seems to act a lot like the fictional drug lord King Willie from the movie Predator 2 and even Sunshine's death bares a resemblance.
  • He may also be a reference to Baron Samedi, the James Bond villain, who also had occult abilities and seemed immortal.
  • Mr. Sunshine shares similarities with Jyunichi. Both are young men who are second-in-command and chief enforcers of their gangs and specialize in bladed weapons. Both also are very close to their leaders (The General and Kazuo Akuji, respectively) and meet their ends by blades as well as someone snitching on them.
  • Mr. Sunshine is one of the few known users of voodoo in the Saints Row series. The other is Eye for an Eye.
  • Mr. Sunshine is the only Saints Row series character to use magic on-screen.
  • Although he does not physically appear in the game, Mr. Sunshine's full model is present in the game files for Saints Row IV.
  • In Saints Row IV Mr. Sunshine's Voodoo Doll is attached to a black painting with the Sons of Samedi logo on it in the White Crib.


"So Boss, are you sure Sunshine is dead?"
— Shaundi
"You know that the only reason you were able to kill Sunshine is because his 24 years were up, right?"
— Female goth [9]
"I can't believe Mr. Sunshine needs all those bodies"
— Female Sons of Samedi member
"You didn't kill Sunshine, you just made him stronger."
— Male Sons of Samedi member
"You really should think about burying Sunshine in about 6 feet of concrete, you know just in case."
— Male Civilian
"I haven't had a nightmare about Mr. Sunshine in months."
— Asian Female Saint


  • Threatening Veteran Child in "Airborne Assault".
  • Mr. Sunshine with The General.
  • Shooting at The Protagonist in "Bad Trip".
  • Mr. Sunshine "fails" The General.
  • Mr. Sunshine as he appears in Saints Row IV.
  • The Voodoo Doll as found in the White Crib.


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