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The Moneyshot Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third.

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For the game, see Saints Row: Money Shot


This DLC comes includes TOGO-13, Ultor Assassin suit and Ultor Interceptor jet bike.[reference?]

Looks can kill...and so do you. With the Moneyshot pack, you can transform yourself into one of Ultor's elite femme fatales. Don your high-heeled tactical catsuit and take to the skies on a custom Ultor jet bike. Then when the time comes to execute your target, do so with unprecedented style with your fully automatic sniper rifle.
— Official Description[link?]

The contents of this DLC were originally part of the Saints Row: Money Shot XBLA game, which would have allowed the items to be unlocked in Saints Row: The Third. After that game was cancelled, the items were released as part of this DLC.


This DLC pack was originally only available with the purchase of Prima's Official Saints Row: The Third Studio Edition guide, and is still falsely advertised as being "Available Exclusively To Prima Customers".[1][2] Japanese users have always been able to purchase this pack from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

On February 14, 2012, the official Saints Row website released a statement[link?] revealing that the "Moneyshot Pack" along with the Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack have been released as stand-alone DLC.


  • The Interceptor jet bike technology was originally owned by Ultor, until they licensed the technology to STAG.[reference?]
  • On the TOGO-13, Ultor Interceptor, and Femme Fatale Catsuit, there are multiple Ultor logos.
  • There is no male version of the outfit, so male characters wear high-heels.[3]


  • Moneyshot Pack unlock screen
  • Moneyshot pack contents
  • Ultor Assassin outfit
  • Promo image of Togo 13
  • Concept art of Cypher Assassin outfit
  • Money Shot
  • promo image of male suit


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