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    Regarding this image: File:STAG_Armed_Boat.jpg

    This is just the normal STAG variant, you just added in to the Garage with a modified cheat file, right?

    You didn't actually edit the vehicle details at all?

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      Camilo Flores wrote:

      - And it was a good idea to wait 21 months instead of searching where I should be?

      I'm unsure what your point is here. I didn't "wait 21 months".

      • On 2013-07-25, you uploaded the photo.
      • On 2014‎-01-08, I performed a minor cleanup of the article, which was the first time I noticed the caption, so I asked you about it. (I had also performed 2 maintenance edits before that time, when I did not examine the content of the article)
      • On 2014-01-19, you uploaded a duplicate image without responding to the question. I deleted the duplicate image and then left a second message here asking you to respond.
      • After this, I edited the article on several other occasions, and I may have observed the caption again, and seen the previous message I had left - but since you had not edited since I had asked, I had no reason to leave a follow-up message, as I assumed you simply had not been active on Wikia since then.
      • On 2015-06-16, you edited the wiki, and did not respond to the question, but as I had no reason to remember you or visit your Message Wall, I did not notice this.
      • The next time I edited the Commander article since then was 2 days ago, at which time I noticed the caption, looked up who uploaded the image, and came to your Message Wall to ask about it, discovering both that I had previously left a message, and that you had edited the wiki since I had asked, but not responded.

      I contacted you every time it was relevant to do so, while you edited the wiki twice without responding to the question.

      Camilo Flores wrote:

      - Because, for you, if I fail to comply with the policy, you'll kill me for that.

      Please don't put words into my mouth. I have never said anything of the sort.

      Camilo Flores wrote:

      -Probably, but that doesn't mean I ignored the question, just because I didn't noticed the upper bar that was up there all the time, especially with dark backgrounds.
      Not looking at your notifications is ignoring them.

      Camilo Flores wrote:

      - Instead, go to the internet and search "STAG Commander" or something. You'll probably find it either, from the SR Wikia (actually deleted), or for the website that claims that this is a Modded STAG Commander. I though you were competent enough to discover this and delete with no question".

      Attempting to claim I am incompetent for not searching for the image is a stretch.

      You uploaded the image, so you were the person I asked. There was no reason for me to "go to the internet and search", because there was no reason for me to assume that you didn't take the screenshot yourself.

      Camilo Flores wrote:

      Especially because I though you will block me indefinitely for an image that could lead too much speculations and stuff.

      You had no reason to think this.

      • When has anyone ever been blocked indefinitely on this wiki?
      • When has anyone ever been blocked over an image on this wiki?

      When I contacted you, I said absolutely nothing about policies or blocking.

      Camilo Flores wrote:

      With my attitude, you'll want to kill me with a block. That's sure, I guess.

      Please do not make up lies about other members of the wiki. This is your second warning.

      If you continue to claim that I "want to kill you", you will be blocked, as making false claims about other users is not permitted.

      If you ever genuinely think that a user on Wikia wants to kill you, then please contact the police immediately.

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    • Fine.

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    • a Wikia contributor
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