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Saints Row 2

Merhman's is a Night Club in Saints Row 2.


Merhman's is located in the Mission Beach neighborhood of the Saint's Row District. The building functions as a Liquor Store, so Blunts and 40 oz. can be bought here. There are two Arcade Machines here, Zombie Uprising can be played at either of them.

As with all named Night Clubs, it is listed only as "Night Club" on the in-game map. It is not possible to buy this club, as Ultor controls the whole District.

The interior has green carpet, 9 booths, a long green L-shaped bar with one server. The walls behind the bar and the arcade machines are made of brick with wording that say "Oh Yeah! Eat that Shit!" with the last word being covered up by the machines. The wall to the left of the bar has vertical brown and white stripes. The logo consists of a green diamond with a capital M over it.

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  • Brian Mehrman is listed in the Saints Row 2 credits, and may be the namesake of this bar, although it is not spelled the same.
  • Above the door is a mounted deer head with a green tie around its neck.
  • There is a pinball machine to the left of the arcade machines. Civilians can be seen playing both the arcade machines and the pinball machine, but the pinball machine is inaccessible to The Protagonist.


  • Merhman's - interior looking south towards entrance
  • Mehrman's - interior looking at bar from entrance
  • Mehrman's - interior bar
  • Mehrman's - interior civilians eating burgers


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