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Mech Suit Mayhem
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Saints Row IV

Unlocked after

"Matt's Back"


Mech Suit



Mech Suit Mayhem is an Activity in Saints Row IV.


Mech Suit Mayhem is an activity similar to Tank Mayhem or UFO Mayhem in which the player is in the Mech Suit, trying to cause as much mayhem and damage as possible.

The Activity is unlocked after the "Matt's Back", which introduces the Mech Suit.


  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $300,000
    • Silver: $550,000
    • Gold: $800,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $500,000
    • Silver: $700,000
    • Gold: $900,000


After completing all instances, along with Tank Mayhem and UFO Mayhem, on Silver difficultly, monster trucks (Atlasbreaker, Betsy XL, Bootlegger XL, Infuego XL) are unlocked at Gateway Garage.

After completing all instances, along with Tank Mayhem and UFO Mayhem, on Gold difficulty, a Saints Xor hoverbike is unlocked at Gateway Garage.


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Main Article: Tips

  • Mech Suit's rocket launcher overheats very quickly, so don't use it on NPCs - instead use the miniguns which never overheat.
  • Mech Suit's rockets are very powerful and have big blast radius. One rocket is enough to blow up a convoy of enemy vehicles.


  • In PAX Demo, the marker of Easy instance of Mech Suit Mayhem is located in Brickston, near Friendly Fire.[1] The requirements for medals are also different: Cache100,000 for Bronze, Cache900,000 for Silver and Cache1,800,000 for Gold.[2]
  • The Protagonist cannot be killed while in a Mech Suit during the Activity.
  • The HUD doesn't disappear if body slam is performed.


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