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Mayhem is an Activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third,[1] and Saints Row IV.

Not to be confused with Tank Mayhem.


Saints Row The Third mayhem

An example of Mayhem in Saints Row: The Third.

The goal of Mayhem, is to do a certain amount of property damage before time runs out.

The destruction is great fun but can get hard very fast if not played right, you get weapons that have unlimited ammo at different times, mostly SMG's and pistols have that effect and the weapon itself would change as well without the player choosing. A bonus effect is given from time to time either as a use a weapon bonus or destroy a certain car bonus, as well as for destroying various furniture in the specific area in which you are assigned to.

This activity has an area limit, but destroying things outside the zone is still counted as long as you are still in the radius of the area. Your wanted level will increase, but will be removed after exiting the activity. Combos are used to increase the amount you get from destroying items. There is a timer for combos, but it is increases when more points are earned.

Note that the timer stops when you are outside of the area, and that collision rules apply. (If it won't get knocked over/down by driving your vehicle into it, don't drive into it.) You can combo and gain more money per destruction, which you will eventually need; an easy way to do this is to line up a car with the long axis of a line of wire fences and then just drive straight forward, hitting them in quick succession, one right after the other.

When driving, your car has more durability and far more superior strength than all the other cars on the road, it will not destroy cars on impact but launch them into the air a mighty distance.

Saints RowEdit


Mayhem - Rico Suave - Rico Martinez


Los Carnales (Southern Cross, Barrio District)

Rico: "I got a little work for you. Until I opened this club, I was a nobody. My neighbors, my family...they didn't give a fuck about me. But as soon as I had money, that all changed. Suddenly everyone's my friend, and they all need favors. Now, I ain't got a problem helping people out, so long as they understand the consequences. If they meet their end of the deal, there's no problem. But when they don't, that's when I need people like you, Holmes. Got out there and show those pendejos why they can't fuck with Rico Martinez."
— Rico Martinez at On Track in Rico Suave cutscene.

Mayhem - A Woman Scorned - Mary


Vice Kings (Nob Hill, High End Retail District)

Mary: "Come in. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Mary. You may be wondering why a woman my age is running a place like this. I'll spare you the details, but suffice to say, my ex husband didn't want me to have the club, so naturally I took it. Now that we're divorced Nathaniel thinks he can run off with my trollop of a sister. Sadly for my ex, this isn't the case. Nathaniel owes me thousands of dollars in alimony, and I intend to collect. Until he pays me, I want you to go and destroy as many of his holdings as you can...the more you hurt him, the sooner he'll pay."
— Mary at $tock$ in A Woman Scorned cutscene.

Mayhem - Decoy - Reno


Westside Rollerz (Misty Lane, Suburbs District)

Reno: "Sup Sup yo. I appreciate you commin' round on short notice...I got some shit that needs to be worked out. Some cop just transferred to town and he ain't payin' me any respect. The bitch came in here runnin' his mouth tellin' me he was gonna be put out of business. What that Uncle Tom nigga didn't know, was I got a couple cops on the payroll and they told me the raid was tonight. I want you to go out there and stir up so much shit the cops gotta look elsewhere...while they on yo' ass I can hide all the K. I know it sounds risky bro, but don't worry, you'll get hazard pay."
— Reno at Glitz in Decoy cutscene.


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Saints Row 2Edit


Red Light District, Bavogian Plaza

Nuclear Power Plant, Stilwater Nuclear

  • Client: Unnamed Nuclear Plant Worker.


  • Level 1: $50,000
  • Level 2: $100,000
  • Level 3: $250,000
  • Level 4: $500,000
  • Level 5: $600,000
  • Level 6: $800,000


  • Level 1: $100,000
  • Level 2: $200,000
  • Level 3: $500,000
  • Level 4: $1,000,000
  • Level 5: $1,250,000
  • Level 6: $1,500,000


  • Unlock screen for 5% Discount on Crib Customization
  • Unlock screen for 15% Discount on Crib Customization

Nuclear Power Plant District

Red Light District

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit



  • Easy: $90,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $300,000

Carver Island

  • Easy: $115,000
  • Medium: $200,000
  • Hard: $250,000

Saints Row IVEdit


  • Easy:
    • Bronze: $300,000
    • Silver: $500,000
    • Gold: $800,000
  • Medium (Downtown):
    • Bronze: $200,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $500,000
  • Medium (Stanfield):
    • Bronze: $225,000
    • Silver: $350,000
    • Gold: $500,000
  • Hard:
    • Bronze: $150,000
    • Silver: $300,000
    • Gold: $500,000


Saints RowEdit

  • The best strategy is to simply take a Bulldozer (one should be parked right next to your Saints Row Loft, near the construction site). Drive to the Mayhem area, and then just run anything that's linked, such as a chainlink fence over and anyone that gets in the way. Since the Bulldozer is already extremely tough and police don't pull you out, you can pass at least two levels before needing to get a new one.
  • During Mayhem, Anchor news vans will often appear and get very close to the Player, perhaps in attempt to record his crimes. They are worth more points than other vehicles, but care must be taken as the explosion of these vehicles may also harm the player.

Saints Row 2Edit

  • Finishing Insurance Fraud beforehand helps a lot because of the infinite sprint reward.
  • Just as in the previous game, street furniture is the key to finishing Mayhem because there are ways to destroy a lot if it in a short amount of time to get big combo bonuses.
  • From the areas you are send to, Hotels & Marina and Chinatown are the easiest places to find big clusters of street furniture. Look for shops that have tables, chairs and umbrellas outside or find the market stalls, benches, fences or lamp posts.
  • Up and including level 4, Mayhem can be done using a Bear or the provided RPG Launcher. Other good vehicle choices are the Tornado and the EDF Scout.
  • At level 5 and 6 it is best to use the provided Satchel Charges. Strap satchels to a cluster of destroyable objects (and some cars) and then pull the trigger as fast as possible.

To complete this activity with simplicity in Saints Row 2, it is recommended to use the Ultor attack vehicle EDF Scout, which can only be accessed in the garage and used by the player after installing the Ultor Exposed DLC. It is also recommended to complete level six of the Escort activity within the Red Light District, which unlocks Stored Vehicle Delivery with free services as a homie, allowing the player to call Stored Vehicle Delivery and have him deliver any vehicle stored in the garage anytime without charging $1,000. The EDF Scout is a great vehicle to use for Mayhem because not only is the vehicle sturdy, but the EDF Scout can blast an infinite number of rockets that can easily hit and destroy any target in rapid succession, much more rapid than any other in-game rocket launcher.

  • Instead of venturing deeply inside the district that the activity assigns the player to commit the mayhem, firstly, locate and note the direction of the nearest Forgive and Forget beyond the assigned location.
  • Secondly, drive to the location that the Mayhem activity assigned the player to commit the mayhem and park the EDF Scout facing the direction of Forgive and Forget, even if Forgive and Forget is beyond sight. Ensure that the player parks only slightly within the flashing portion of the map, mainly on the edge of the location, while facing traffic where the player can fire a clear shot from the area.
  • Thirdly, fire the rockets repeatedly to hit many vehicles and other nearby items and/or people as much as possible without moving the EDF Scout until the player earns at least level three police notoriety. As long as the player is parked even slightly within the flashing area, blasting rockets outside the flashing area would still net the player points/money and easy combos thanks to its rapid fire. Do not leave the edge of the assigned area or the player's destruction of items, vehicles, and people would not merit any points/money.
  • Fourthly, soon as the player earns the level three notoriety in question, quickly leave the district the player is assigned to and head for the nearest Forgive and Forget to clear the player's notoriety level. Leaving the area freezes the clock, so running out of time should be highly unlikely if done correctly. Travelling to Forgive and Forget is easier with level three notoriety because anything higher would summon Tornados, police issued attack helicopters that could explode an EDF Scout with two rocket attacks, smoking the player instantly.
  • Fifthly, complete the second step again by driving to a location within the assigned district facing Forgive and Forget, and park the EDF Scout on the edge of the flashing area facing traffic and repeat the process of destroying cars, items, and people within that spot until the player has enough points/money to complete the level on his or her own time. If, for whatever reason, the EDF Scout gets destroyed and the player is still alive, reach Forgive and Forget, clear all notoriety, and simply call Stored Vehicle Delivery to deliver another fresh EDF Scout.

For warnings, ensure that the player has a clear shot when firing the rockets because firing the rockets too closely to the ground, buildings, trees, or anything solid could potentially explode the player. Also, always attempt to avoid any level of notoriety higher than level three at all costs to complete the activity safely.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • The best strategy of beating the Mayhem is simply to bring a Challenger or Crusader into the icon, start the Mayhem, and turn the Mayhem into Tank Mayhem instead. However, due to lack of vehicle targets, and lack of health pickups (Wrench Icon), this one is harder due to the fact causing destruction with the tank is the quickest way of gaining notoriety.
    • The above strategy does not always work as triggering Mayhem often causes the vehicle driven to the location to disappear (though it often reappears after the activity).
  • An alternate strategy is to equip the rocket launcher immediately and begin firing and keep firing constantly. Shoot at everything, even sides of buildings while waiting for vehicles to arrive, as damage to property can accumulate points and add to combos. Don't necessarily stay in the location where the activity begins - if you're off on a side street, run to an intersection where the number of vehicles is increased. Using a rocket launcher (one is provided even if you don't normally have one in your weapon cache) is superior to grenades or guns as it can do damage much quicker and at greater distance.
  • Mayhem becomes considerably easier to complete once one reaches high enough levels that invulnerability and infinite ammo upgrades can be purchased.
  • Try to complete the hard-level Mayhem on Arapice Island before it is overrun by zombies. While the activity remains available afterward, it becomes extremely difficult because not only are the amount of vehicles (parked or driving) reduced substantially, but The Protagonist is constantly bombarded by zombies that can delay the player.


  • Mayhem was removed from the Japanese version of Saints Row 2, along with Hitman and Human Shield.
  • Since one of the major complaints of Mayhem in Saints Row 2 was that sessions often turned into long sessions of blowing up fences, Saints Row: The Third makes fun of this constantly - the first Mayhem mission in the story has Kinzie assigning The Protagonist to blowing up a fencing company (as in the barriers, not the dealing of stolen goods) that was serving as a Decker front, and the Achievement/Trophy for all the Mayhem missions is "Fence Killa 2011".
  • Mayhem is not included in the German version of the game.
  • During Hostage in Saints Row 2, one of the male passengers references Mayhem with the random line "You don't get points for knocking stuff down".


  • Mayhem gameplay in Saints Row: The Third.

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