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Appears in Saints Row 2
Gender Male
Home Stilwater
Affiliations The Brotherhood
Occupation(s) Lead guitarist of the Feed Dogs
personal tattoo artist to Maero
Voiced by Anthony Pulcini

Matt is a character in Saints Row 2.

For the Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV character, see Matt Miller.


Matt has a very strong '80s punk appearance. His hairstyle consists of a blonde mullet, and, similar to his friend Maero, his body is full of tattoos. His eyebrows, nose, chin and ears all have piercings. He dons a crimson vest; the color of the Brotherhood of Stilwater.


Matt is a member of The Brotherhood of Stilwater. As well as the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band "Feed Dogs", he is also the Brotherhood's personal tattoo artist. He is gang leader Maero's best friend, and seems to have befriended Donnie as well. Being more associated with the gang, rather than an actual member, he has minimal involvement in the gang, as they prefer to keep him unaware of their important businesses.

Saints Row 2Edit

Matt makes his first appearance after The Protagonist with Carlos and Maero escape police ambush and head to The Brotherhood warehouse. Maero introduces The Protagonist and Carlos his gang members, Jessica and Matt, who is seen playing guitar and later making tattoos for Maero.[1] After The Protagonist forces Donnie to blow up some Brotherhood trucks and after he's dropped near The Brotherhood warehouse and heads inside, he tells Maero what he has done and Maero, in rage, almost kills him, but Matt, saying that "[Maero] should be pissed at that asshole runnin' the Saints, not Donnie" and Jessica, saying that except Donnie, no one is going to fix her car, both beg to leave him alive. Maero decides to do so.[2] The Protagonist raids the Nuclear Power Plant and, after getting toxic waste, heads back to the city with help of Carlos. They get toxic waste to Rusty's Needle. After a while, Matt inks new tattoo on Maero's face and toxic waste burns his face.[3]

The Protagonist, who wanted to learn more about the Brotherhood's mysterious shipment, goes to the Feed Dogs' concert. The Protagonist beats Matt on stage, and threatens to kill Matt if he didn't tell The Protagonist anything about the shipment. Matt quickly reveals that the shipment would come from the sea but claims he wasn't told anything else. The Protagonist burns his hand with pyrotechnic fire, forcing Matt to retire from the band. The Stilwater Gazette reports that this was the best Feed Dogs concert ever and that "Lead singer, Matt, goes out like a bitch".[4]

When the 3rd Street Saints attack The Brotherhood's headquarters, Matt waits with Donnie in the main room. When The Protagonist and Maero crash through the ceiling, Donnie quickly escapes, but Matt tackles The Protagonist and shouts at Maero to run. The Protagonist quickly grabs a stray brick that used to be part of the ceiling, and fatally smashes Matt's head with it. In the ensuing commotion, Maero manages to escape the factory thanks to Matt's efforts, and challenges The Protagonist to a Protagonist-on-fifty guys with monster trucks duel at the stadium on a later date.[5]


  • Matt can sometimes be heard over the radio in advertisements for Rusty's Needle, claiming that although he is a tattoo artist, he got a tattoo of a spine (on his spine) from Rusty's Needle.
MUS SHARED 00075 Rustys Needle
Rusty's Needle Radio Ad
  • Matt can be heard on The Krunch 106.66 calling into the show complaining that the program is too harsh on his band; he also calls posing as a random listener asking Corndog to play some Feed Dogs songs.
  • Unlike other second-in-commands Jyunichi and Mr. Sunshine, Matt isn't encountered in a boss fight, due to the fact that there are 2 boss fights with Maero.[5][6]
  • Matt and the Feed Dogs are mentioned in Saints Row IV by Veteran Child during conversations between Shaundi and Maero when called as a homie.
  • Matt can be compared to Donnie as both are best friends to a gang leader and that they both get bullied by the Protagonist due to such closeness though unlike Donnie. Matt gets killed while Donnie survived.

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