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Marshalling Grounds are Diversion targets in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Objective of the Diversion is to disable the Control Stones and take over the Grounds. Upon taking two or more Marshalling Ground, they can be used to teleport to the other conquered Marshalling Grounds. After taking over all 5 Grounds, a secret sixth location is available inside the Tower, which contains the Uriels Edge.


The objective of the diversion is to disable multiple Control Stones. After disabling the Stones, an Archduke spawns and must be killed to complete taking over the Marshalling Ground. After killing them, the light in the center of the Marshalling Ground must be entered.



  • The diversion is based upon Saints Row IV's Hotspot diversion. The map icon for Marshalling Grounds is named "map_start_hotspot"
  • Marshalling Grounds incorporate the teleportation function of Gateways, but only between those 5 locations.
  • Marshalling Grounds are filled with lava until they are unlocked.


  • Marshalling Ground complete 1 of 5


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