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Random Dialogue
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Do you think the entire White House was leveled?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Tell me, Kinzie, was the White House destroyed utterly?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "You think the whole White House got destroyed?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Do you think the whole White House was destroyed?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You think the whole damn White House got flattened?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Do you expect the entire White House was demolished?"
Nolan North: "Do you think the whole White House was destroyed?"
Kinzie: "I don't know. Maybe. Why?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "I was thinking we should get Ultor to rebuild it. Maybe have it seal up if there's an attack. Maybe transform into a giant tank..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I was considering a grand renovation. Tastefully reinforced walls, decorative yet functional missile turrets... Maybe a flounce around the bed."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "I was thinking if we have to rebuild we could throw a few more columns in, plant magnolias --more of an antebellum look?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I was thinking if it was we could get Ultor to rebuild it. Add more defenses, more weapons, a few underground jet hangars..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Just thinking: maybe we could get Ultor to rebuild it. Thicker walls, more guns, an underground jet hangar..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I just thought we should rebuild it as the ultimate crib -- steel walls, surface to air missiles, swimming pool with a bar you can swim up to..."
Nolan North: "I was thinking if it was we could get Ultor to rebuild it. Add more defenses, more weapons, a few underground jet hangars... maybe some air hockey."
Kinzie: "Are you serious?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Could use some more stripper poles in the bedrooms, too."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Perhaps a few more stripper poles in the boudoir?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "How 'bout some more stripper poles in the bedrooms?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Hell, maybe a few more stripper poles in the bedrooms."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Hell, maybe more stripper poles in the bedrooms."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "... And more stripper poles in the bedrooms to boot."
Nolan North: "Hell, maybe a few more stripper poles in the bedrooms. Am I right? I am right."
Kinzie: "More? You already had "some" stripper poles?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "It was my first executive order."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I work out on one. You think this ass happens all by itself?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Killer cardio, Kinzie. You should try it."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I had one installed like the first day I was in office."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Shit, I had one put in my first day in office."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You say that like it's a bad thing."
Nolan North: "I had one installed like the first day I was in office. Heh heh. Love the poles."
Kinzie: "Wow..."
— "Drive to FF 2nd Convo" (from The Fundamentals)
OtherInMemory 0382 SR1 cellphone
Random Audio
File:Homiechat Burt Viola.ogg
Used on 3 pages, including Burt Reynolds
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OtherInMemory 0382 SR1 cellphone
Random Trivia
Which vehicle in Saints Row 2 has the most Body Mods and Details options? (Answer)
Sea Roses - exterior in Saints Row 2

Sea Roses is an enterable, unusable, pub with no people inside.
It is located on the border of Sunnyvale Gardens and Shivington.
The Saints Row 2 data files reference a 33rd Secret Area named "Old Bar", which is likely to be this building.

Random File
Abandoned Storefront completed
File:Abandoned Storefront completed.png
Used on Abandoned Storefront
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  • Top 10 Lists disabled without warning

    Wikia Staff have deleted 31 Top 10 Lists from the Saints Row Wiki without prior warning.

    On Community Central, Wikia Staff claimed that they contacted wikis with more than 10 Top 10 Lists. They did not contact me, or the Saints Row Wiki, in any form. They have now locked that thread so that people who were not warned cannot complain.

    Strangely, this deletion activity did not appear on ..→

  • Disabling Message Wall

    Now that all Special:Forum posts have been moved to the Forum: namespace, and all blog posts have been moved to the Forum: namespace, the next obvious step is to move all Message Wall threads to User_talk pages.

    I've mentioned several times in the past that I regret ever enabling Message Wall, but that we were stuck with it because it would mean losing access years of messages. But now, that issue has been solved, as my Forum migration script can easily be adapted to ..→

  • Lazy loading and the future of blogs

    When lazy loading was introduced, search engines lost the ability to see blog comments.

    I unfortunately didn't notice this until last year. I immediately asked Wikia Staff if this was intentional, they said they would look into it, but never got back to me.

    I recently remembered this issue again, and asked for a follow-up, and a different member of Wikia Staff replied, instead of the one who was looking into it. They also said they will look into it, but that "I think that, for now, we're OK with this.".

    Wikia Staff have again failed to realise that it doesn't ..→

  • Discussions and the future of the Forum

    It's a well known fact that Wikia never bothered to complete these "New" forums.

    Wikia have now decided that instead of finishing it, they're scrapping it and replacing it with a new feature which looks like twitter.

    All wikis that use the New Forums will be automatically switched over to the new "Discussions" feature. As such, I will be transferring all existing New Forum threads back to the old Forum, and disabling the New Forum.

    I will be performing the transfer via import, so that all usernames and timestamps will be correctly attributed to the poster. All ..→

  • 900 referenced articles

    As of today, there are 900 articles with references, which is appropriately two thirds of all articles.

    The Saints Row Wiki is more verifiably accurate than ever!

    Currently, there are still 250 articles with reference requests, and 35 articles with unlabelled references which need to be updated.

    When I first started, there were no references at all. Soon after I joined, a basic version of references was introduced. A few months ..→

  • Anon editing disabled (temporarily, now enabled)

    Since 2012, I have been reporting a bug to Wikia Staff which causes categories to be duplicated.

    In 2013, I actually went out of my way to help them diagnose the problem, because I naively believed that they actually cared about the quality of their website, and would fix the problem.

    Originally, the bug occured to both logged in users and anon users, but they fixed something so that logged in users can no longer cause the bug, but anons still can. They have known that anons can still cause the bug since 2013.

    In 2014, they claimed to know the cause of the anon ..→

  • Inactive user image policy

    Like all Wikia wikis, the Saints Row Wiki is not a free personal hosting site, web storage facility, or image repository.

    Like many wikis, this wiki allows users to upload images for use on their userpages, as outlined on Saints Row Wiki:Accounts#User Pages.

    The current policy for unused non-article files is immediate deletion, but there is no current policy about what to do with non-article files which are in use on the userpages of inactive users.

    For example, File:Chover.jpg was uploaded in 2010 by ..→

  • New Translation request template

    From time to time, helpful bilingual people add translations to the wiki, but we've never really kept track of which pages need translations.

    I have now created Category:Translation requests and {{translate}}.

    If you notice a mission or character page which needs a translation, mark it with {{translate}}. To specify which language needs to be translated, add the name of the language as the first parameter, for example: {{translate|Spanish}}

    If you speak Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, or any other language used by any of ..→

  • April Fools' day 2016

    I hope everyone enjoyed April Fools' Day this year.

    If you missed it, you can either set your computer's date back temporarily, or edit Special:MyPage/common.js with:

    importArticles({ type: 'script', article: 'user:452/SaintsRow.js' });

    I've personally had this script active since last August, and it's a constant source of amusement. 452, 2016-04-02T15:57:20Z
    (last edited: 452, 2016-04-03T14:49:19Z)

  • Reference marker style

    In October 2015, I began a trial of replacing the reference marker from [1] to *.

    (All references in this post are fake)

    The purpose[2] of the change[3] was to make the references[4] less obtrusive[5], as the default format[6] was sometimes jarring[7] when reading a paragraph[8] containing many of them.[8]

    The trial* went so ..→

  • Changing "Description" headings to "Overview"

    In many cases, the heading "Description" doesn't properly describe that section.

    The reason the term "Description" was used is that it was part of the default page layout.

    Another term which was in use in some articles long ago was "Overview", which is somewhat more appropriate in many cases.

    I propose changing "Description" to "Overview".

    Can anyone suggest a more appropriate heading for the first section of an article? 452, 2016-01-01T15:05:49Z
    (last edited: 452, 2016-03-13T00:41:04Z)

    No other suggestions then? Great, "Overview" ..→

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