Samson's Surprise - Lin meets The Protagonist at Glitz
Lin in Saints Row[1]
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Saints Row






3rd Street Saints
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Tia Carrere

Lin is a character in Saints Row.

Lin: "I'm Lin. [...] I'm the best racer that ever came out of Chinatown."
Joseph Price: "How come I've never heard of you?"
Lin: "'Cause I got tits."
Lin Escort Service
— Lin and Joseph Price, after the assault on Donnie's garage[2]


Saints Row character promo - Lin

Promotional artwork of Lin in Saints Row

Lin is a lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints and the self-proclaimed "best racer to ever come out of Chinatown".[2] A 25 year old female of Asian descent,[3][4] she has a somewhat cold personality, at one point showing little compassion towards killing two Westside Rollerz she had just been conversing with,[5] and at another throwing a man's lighter across the room after he offers to light her cigarette.[6]

Julius asks Lin to go undercover with the Westside Rollerz in an attempt to learn more about them and take them down from the inside[7] – much of the information she learns within the Rollerz she relays to The Protagonist, and together they use it to foil the Rollerz' plans.[8][1]

Unsatisfied with her role and in an attempt to infiltrate the Rollerz further, Lin pursues a relationship with Donnie, a mechanic and best friend of gang leader Joseph Price.[9] She continues to deceive the Rollerz by working with The Protagonist,[2][10] and these ill-fated attempts ultimately lead to her death when Price's uncle and financier, William Sharp, concludes that she has been betraying the Rollerz and has her killed.[11]

Lin is the first of four allies to die in the Saints Row series.


Saints RowEdit

I asked Lin to hook up with the Rollerz. We don't know much about these fuckas, so I wanted one of us on the inside.
Julius, informing the 3rd Street Saints of Lin's actions.[12]

Reclamation cutscene - Any other comments

Lin reveals she is undercover in the Westside Rollerz at the church.[12]

The Protagonist first sees Lin in the Saints' church following the reclamation of Harrowgate (and with it the entire Saint's Row district); not content with Saint's Row, Julius assigns his lieutenants to work on removing each of the three enemy gangs from Stilwater. Lin, a lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints, is asked by Julius to go undercover and infiltrate the Westside Rollerz in an attempt to bring them down from the inside.[12]

The Protagonist somewhat assumes the role of being her handler, visiting her at secret locations to be updated on what she has learned. Lin first meets The Protagonist at a parking lot outside the Ultor Dome and informs them of "a shipment of high performance cars [that] is coming in today". Lin has The Protagonist hijack the delivery truck and deliver it to Samson, who outfits the vehicles with "a few surprises" before finishing the delivery.[8]

I don't like the idea of Lin going undercover, you roll with people long enough and pretty soon you start thinkin' like 'em...
Troy, noting his concern about Lin to The Protagonist.[1]

Later, at a nightclub, Lin reveals that there is an upcoming race and that the cars being used – the same cars that The Protagonist stole – have been "rigged to blow once the engine reaches a high enough temperature": Lin requests The Protagonist take part in the race and force the racers to use their nitrous, thereby activating the explosives. Fellow 3rd Street Saints lieutenant Troy, who is deeply concerned over Lin's well-being, helps out by taunting the Rollerz into activating their nitrous.[1]

Guardian Angel - Lin firing

Lin saves Donnie from The Protagonist as part of her plan to get in close with the higher-ups of the gang.[9]

Lin becomes frustrated with the slow progress she has made in the Rollerz and devises a plan to "get in good with Price's crew" by having The Protagonist raid a garage; Lin shows at the last moment and drives the owner, Donnie, away before The Protagonist reaches him. Lin knows that Donnie is close friends with the Westside Rollerz' leader, Joseph Price, and manipulates Donnie into thinking she has saved his life.[9]

Donnie gratefully takes Lin to meet Joseph Price, as well as Price's uncle William Sharp, who financially backs the gang. Lin utilizes her new position in the Rollerz to have The Protagonist disrupt their plans regarding the collection of parts for an upcoming shipment.[2][10] During this time, Donnie bonds with Lin as they spend time together. After hearing of the Saints' recent actions, Sharp deduces that Lin has been betraying the Rollerz (as only Lin, Donnie, Price, and himself knew of the car parts collection) and promises Price that he will take care of it.[10]

Holding her captive at a local pool hall, Sharp forces Lin to phone The Protagonist and lure them there. When The Protagonist arrives, they fight towards where she is being held but they are knocked unconscious while trying to untie her from the chair.[13]

Lin was working with the Saints. Now would you give me a hand? This car is heavy... Donnie, where are you going?
— William Sharp's revelation to Donnie, following him shooting Lin and The Protagonist with a .44 Shepherd.

Burying Evidence Voxel

William Sharp submerges Lin's Voxel in the Stilwater river with Lin and The Protagonist trapped inside.[11]

Sharp ties up and incapacitates the two in the back of Lin's Voxel near the river, where he invites Donnie to reveal to him her betrayal. Lin attempts to explain herself to Donnie but is shot by Sharp wielding a .44 Shepherd. Donnie, shocked and heartbroken, leaves the scene. Sharp closes the trunk of the Voxel and pushes the vehicle into the river, submerging it. Lin finds her lighter but only manages to set The Protagonist free before she drowns. Before she dies, Lin remarks on Donnie's words, "Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl".[11]

Following her death, The Protagonist kills Sharp in retribution.[11] Soon after, Lin's body is found floating in the river in the morning.[14] After removing all enemy gang presence and claiming Stilwater for their own, Julius phones The Protagonist and congratulates them for all they did. During the call, he briefly touches on the loss of Lin, saying that she was a soldier and that she knew the risk.[15] Donnie reclaims Lin's vehicle and, overcome with grief, mourns over her for the next several years.[15][16][17]

Saints Row Gat out of HellEdit

Lin in the final storybook of the game, playing volleyball with Oleg, Josh, Dane, Kinzie, and Gat.[18]


See also: Zombie Lin
SR4 homie lin

Unused Homie icon for Saints Row IV.

Lin Saints Row IV appearance as homie

Lin as she appears in Saints Row IV as a Homie. She can only be viewed in-game via modding.

Lin drives a white Voxel with a blue stripe down its center in Saints Row,[8][9][11][15] which is unlocked in the Garage after completing "Semi-Charmed Life". Lin herself is never a Homie, but players must chase after her while she escapes with Donnie in her Voxel in "Guardian Angel"; during this mission, her vehicle can plow straight through other vehicles – even Peterliners on the freeway.

After completing the mission in which she dies, "Burying Evidence", the player can call Eye for an Eye (555-5966) to unlock Zombie Lin as a Homie.

Lin was to appear in Saints Row IV but was cut; she has a physical model, a Homie icon, and three Audio Logs, which are still accessible in the game data files.


Tia Carrere

Lin's voice actress, Tia Carrere.

  • Lin is voiced by Tia Carrere, who also played Cassandra Wong in the feature films Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2, Nani in Lilo & Stitch, Queen Tyr'ahnee in Duck Dodgers, and Sydney Fox in Relic Hunter.
  • Lin is the only lieutenant in the 3rd Street Saints to not wear an item of clothing that is purple.
  • In Saints Row, Lin is the only 3rd Street Saint who isn't featured as a mission Homie.
  • Because they were both of Asian descent, and because of Julius' comment in "No Time to Mourn" – "Johnny's gonna take it pretty hard when he finds out, and you can be yo' ass that he's gonna be callin' for blood" – some fans assumed that Johnny Gat is related to Lin. To put the matter to rest, Volition, Inc. stated that they are not related.[19]
  • She and Troy are the only two members in the 3rd Street Saints who smoke, and both of these characters are undercover: Lin in the Westside Rollerz and Troy being an undercover police officer in the Saints.
  • The newscast that follows "No Time to Mourn" has Jack Armstrong say that Lin's body was discovered in the morning along the shores of Stilwater Bay. He states that "her body was badly bruised and her clothes were missing" and that the police are hoping that the public can help identify her: "All they have to go on is that she was estimated to be between 25 and 30 years of age, 5'3", approximately 105 lb, and was of Asian descent." He refers to her as "Jane Doe-san".[3]
  • In "Battlefield Promotion", Donnie is seen with a photo of Lin; the filename of this image includes "photolynn", although that is not the correct spelling of her name.
Lin obituary with dates

Lin's obituary from the Saints Row website.

  • Lin's obituary on the Saints Row website originally listed her year of birth as 1983 and year of death as 2008, if this is accurate, she is 25 years old during Saints Row.[4] The dates were soon removed from the website.
  • Many remarks are made to Lin's fate as a zombie in future Saints Row games.
  • Lin is one of many cut characters in Saints Row IV. Her Audio Logs and appearance as a Homie remain internally in the game data files and the game files can be modified to add her as a Homie.
    • Lin's first Audio Log has her refer to The Protagonist as "the boss" – "I probably should've been more careful about how often I passed the boss information, though..." – but The Protagonist did not become the leader of the 3rd Street Saints until Saints Row 2, several years after her death.


3rd Street Saints gang member: "I didn't think the Rollerz pimped hos..."
Lin hits him and looks around
Lin: "Any other comments?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, when you punch, don't throw your shoulder so much..."
Lin: "Shut up, Johnny."
— Lin, during her first appearance in the church.[12]
Westside Rollerz gang member #1: "That's a sweet ride, Lin."
Lin: "Uh huh."
Westside Rollerz gang member #2: "Who tuned it for ya?"
Lin: "No one, I did it myself."
Westside Rollerz gang member #1: "The spoiler looks like Donnie's work."
Westside Rollerz gang member #2: "No way, that underglow screams Ricky Liu."
Westside Rollerz gang member #1: "Yeah, I guess it does."
Lin: "What is this, fuckin' third grade?"
Westside Rollerz gang member #1: "Whaddya mean?"
Lin: "Forget it, I'll see ya tomorrow."
The Westside Rollerz walk away
Westside Rollerz gang member #2: "Dude, she totally wants you."
Lin: "Assholes. I swear to God, we're not going to be able to kill these bastards fast enough."
— Lin, detesting the company of the Westside Rollerz.[8]
Lin: "What are you waitin' for? Get in!"
Donnie: "We gotta get out of here!"
Lin: "I think you scratched my hood."
Donnie: "Look, I--"
The Protagonist shoots her vehicle
Lin: "Mother fucker."
— Lin's first encounter with Donnie.[9]

Donnie: "Who are you?"
Lin: "I'm Lin, and you're welcome."
— Lin introduces herself to Donnie.[9]

Lin: "I'm Lin."
Donnie: "She totally saved my ass Mr. Sharp, she's a helluva driver."
Lin: "I'm the best racer that ever came out of Chinatown."
Joseph Price: "How come I've never heard of you?"
Lin: "Cause I got tits."
Joseph Price: "Is that what you call those?"
Lin punches Price
Joseph Price: "Suppose I deserved that."
Lin: "Yeah, you did."
William Sharp: "My nephew has a...unique sense of humor."
Lin: "That was supposed to be funny?"
Joseph Price: "I thought it was, until you hit me in the face."
Donnie: "Yeah, then it was hilarious."
— Lin meets Joseph Price and William Sharp.[2]

William Sharp: "So your plan is to go steal cars. You really know how to think outside the box, Donnie."
Lin: "Don't talk to him like that."
William Sharp: "I'll take your advice to heart."
Lin: "It's not advice."
William Sharp: "A threat? How refreshing."
Lin: "Listen up, you--"
Donnie: "Lin, (stutters) don't worry 'bout--"
Sharp and Lin: "Shut up, Donnie."
William Sharp: "You were saying?"
Lin: "I was about to tell you to go fuck yourself."
— Lin defends Donnie.[10]

William Sharp: "Good girl."
Lin: "Go fuck yourself."
— William Sharp and Lin, after Sharp forces her to lure The Protagonist into a trap.[13]

Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl.
Lin's final words
— Lin's final words.[11]

Audio LogsEdit

Main article: Audio Logs

Although ultimately not appearing in Saints Row IV, Lin has three Audio Logs that can be found in the game data files. Like many Audio Logs, the first two are a reflection on past events, allowing players a brief insight from her perspective. The third audio log references events that never happened in the game.

Putting me in the Rollerz was a smart move on Julius's part. We needed the intel, and I was the only tuner in the Saints. I knew when we staged that rescue at Donnie's shop I was in. Price owed me one for saving his best friend and didn't doubt me for a second. I probably should've been more careful about how often I passed the boss information, though...
Lin Audio Log 087
— Lin Audio Log 1

I read Sharp wrong from the jump. I always knew he was coldhearted, but I just thought it was a lawyer thing. I didn't realize how sadistic he was. I'll never forget what he said to me: "I think it's time to unwrap you." I hope that bastard burns.
Lin Audio Log 282
— Lin Audio Log 2

Donnie said I was his girl? Can you believe that? I mean, we were pretty close, but that never came up. We talked about engines, weight distribution, suspensions... But his girl? I never expected that. It was a nice surprise.
Lin Audio Log 199
— Lin Audio Log 3


  • Lin's first appearance in Saints Row in "Reclamation"
  • Lin, in her first appearance, close up in "Reclamation"
  • Lin, her Voxel, and the Westside Rollerz in "Stacking the Deck"
  • Lin in "Stacking the Deck"
  • Lin, smoking, in "Stacking the Deck"
  • Lin meets The Protagonist in a nightclub in "Samson's Surprise"
  • Guardian Angel Lin Smoking.jpg|Lin, smoking, in "Guardian Angel"
  • Lin saves Donnie in "Guardian Angel"
  • Lin and Donnie escape The Protagonist in "Guardian Angel"
  • Lin slaps Joseph Price across the face after Price's lewd remark regarding her breasts in "Escort Service"
  • Lin, Joseph Price, and Donnie in "Escort Service"
  • Donnie remarks on Underglow while smoking a joint of cannabis in "Escort Service"
  • Lin states that the Westside Rollerz can count on her in "Escort Service"
  • Lin defends Donnie after William Sharp criticizes his plan in "One Step Ahead"
  • Lin swears at William Sharp before she leaves with Donnie in "One Step Ahead"
  • William Sharp holds Lin captive and forces her to phone The Protagonist in "Liberation"
  • Lin swears at William Sharp in "Liberation"
  • William Sharp slaps Lin after she tells him to "go fuck [himself]" in "Liberation"
  • Sharp states that "it's time to unwrap you..." in "Liberation"
  • Lin, before she is shot by William Sharp in "Burying Evidence"
  • William Sharp pushing Lin's Voxel, with her and The Protagonist inside, into the river in "Burying Evidence"
  • Lin's Voxel, underwater, with Lin and The Protagonist inside in "Burying Evidence"
  • Lin's final words, just before dying in "Burying Evidence"
  • Donnie's photo of Lin seen in "Battlefield Promotion"
  • Lin's obituary on the Saints Row website; the dates were later removed


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