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Levar SR
Levar in Saints Row[1]
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Saints Row
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Levar is a minor character in Saints Row and Saints Row IV.

Vice Kings member: "Levar! You gonna let those bitches disrespect us?!"
Levar: "Shit, what you think?"
— Levar and Vice Kings member concerning the Westside Rollerz tag.[1]


Levar is a Vice Kings gang member who appears in the opening cutscene of Saints Row. Levar along with his 2 friends notice that a rival gang, the Westside Rollerz, has left a tag on their turf. Levar proceeds to spray over the tag but they are disrupted by Westside Rollerz members and a fight ensues. He punches one, and sprays another in the face, blinding him. He then runs after a fleeing Roller and throws his spray can at him, nailing him in the head but not seriously wounding him. Then another gang, the Carnales arrive at the scene and starts gunning everyone down. Levar manages shoot the one armed with a T3K Urban in the head, but is shot dead by another armed with a K6 Krukov in the process.[1]

Saints Row IVEdit

When The Protagonist enters into the simulation of Benjamin King created by the Zin Empire he spots three Vice King members complaining over a Westside Rollerz tag similar to the first Saints Row. Levar is spotted in the middle and they turn their attention to The Protagonist's arrival, and proceed to attack him.[2]


  • Levar's appearance in Saints Row IV differs to that of Saints Row. He uses an overweight model of the Vice Kings, whereas Levar is thin in his first appearance.


  • Levar with his friends spotting a Westside Rollerz tag
  • Levar is killed by a Los Carnales gang member
  • Levar in Saints Row IV, with a different appearance


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