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Kinzie's Warehouse
Kinzie's Warehouse 126189313142349225
Owner Kinzie
Type Crib SRTT
City Steelport
Neighborhood Salander
Missions Party Time
Learning Computer
The Fundamentals
When a Plan Comes Together
Enterable Always
Games Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

Kinzie's Warehouse, also known as Kinzie's Hideout [1], is a Crib in Saints Row: The Third, and an enterable building in Saints Row IV.


Located in Salander, Kinzie uses this warehouse as her base and has her "inner sanctum" upstairs.[2]

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

The warehouse is on the edge of a dock, and a boat[which?] regularly spawns nearby. The location is the starting point of most of Kinzie's Decker missions.[missions?]

When the Saints raid the Morningstar penthouse, one of their lieutenants flees to this building.[3]

After rescuing Kinzie, the Crib has all the normal Crib Components including the Wardrobe, Garage, Weapon Cache and Gang Customization.[2]

Saints Row IVEdit

After being put into Simulated Steelport, Kinzie directs The Protagonist here. Upon entering the building, The Protagonist claims that all of her stuff is gone, without actually entering her "inner sanctum", which contains much of her old equipment, albeit in a trashed state. [4]

When planning to bring down Zinyak, all of the major character meet at Kinzie's Warehouse before being ambushed.[5]

The entrance to Kinzie's Warehouse can be elusive since a yellow hand print indicating an entry point doesn't appear until you are right up next to the door. To locate the entrance, approach the warehouse from the east and look for a large garage door. The door will open automatically once you are close enough to it.

Decor Edit

  • Inside the "Inner Sanctum", there are many newspaper cutouts that hold both Easter Eggs and references to other parts of the game. Headlines include:
  • There is a motivational poster of the Daedalus, with the title "Awesome" and the subtitle "Check this thing out".[15]
  • Inside the "Inner Sanctum", there are a total of 40 television and computer screens.

Trivia Edit

  • In the kitchen, there is a whiteboard with markers on it, a possible reference to the start of Duke Nukem Forever.[reference?]
  • There's a large dildo on the first floor, behind a large old machine, sticking out of a bag. These bags can be seen in various places in the game.
  • Kinzie's computer room is present at the start of the game, before she is rescued.
  • Kinzie has an external harddrive enclosure modelled on the ULT33051 external harddrive enclosure made by Ultra products.[17]
  • On the small coffee table in the kitchen there are several pieces of marijuana related paraphernalia: a bong, joints, rolling papers, a scale with some cannabis on it, and a tray with a marijuana leaf design on it.[18]
  • The layout of the crib is somewhat unusual as the garage is not located in a separate room, unlike most other cribs where the garage is separated from the rest of the crib by a door, staircase, hallway or elevator.

Gallery Edit

  • Kinzie's "Inner Sanctum".
  • Kinzie's Warehouse exterior.
  • A motivational poster of the Daedalus in Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Newspaper headline found in Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Newspaper headline found in Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Newspaper headline found in Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Skin of Kinzie's "LLTRA" harddrive
  • Newspapers from Kinzie's Warehouse
  • Newspapers from Kinzie's Warehouse
  • Motivational posters - The Daedalus poster is in the top right
  • Text from Kinzie's computer screen
  • Kinzie's Warehouse trashed

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