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The Kent is a vehicle in Saints Row 2.


The Kent is 2 seat combine harvester.

It has excellent durability, engine power and assault potential. The blades can cause significant damage to vehicles and people.

The large size and wide frontal blade rack make small alleys inaccessible to the Kent and a challenge to drive on roads without accidents in general. In addition, the quirky back-wheel steering makes turning difficult.



A special, not customisable, 3rd Street Saints variant of the Kent is unlocked in the Garage after completing two Chop Shop lists. This variant is the only one available to store in the garage without using cheats, glitches or game mods.

Harvester and TillerEdit

Harvester and Tiller Kents are used the Redneck Derby available after completing the initial Demolition Derby activity.

The Harvester and Tiller versions are available using cheats, but do not spawn normally. Activities which normally spawn random vehicles, such as Ambulance EMT, specifically exclude the Kent.

These variants were intended to randomly spawn on the farm in Pleasant View, but are not spawned due to an error in the game code.[2]


It is possible to obtain a non-Reward Kent by using glitches in a co-op game.

Exiting Timing Glitch

  • Requirements: Co-op game, Guest has Saints' Kent in Garage
  1. Guest takes Saints' Kent out of Garage.
  2. For a split-second, the Kent is brown with no decals.
  3. During this time, the host presses Y.
  4. At the same time, the guest presses pause and exits the game.
  5. The Kent does not receive its Saints Decals.
  6. The guest re-joins the game, and the host is now able to store the non-Reward Kent, and is able to customize it.

Vehicle Transformation Glitch

  • Requirements: Co-op game. Guest has Saints' Kent in Garage.
  1. Guest takes Saints' Kent out of Garage and parks the vehicle a little bit away.
  2. Host stands so the Saints Kent is in view.
  3. Guest pulls out other vehicles and parks them around the Saints Kent.
  4. Host waits for the Saints Kent to disappear, or simply "transform" into the non-Reward Kent. If the Kent disappears, Host must notify Guest, as Guest can not see change.
  5. Guest enters and exits the Kent, and Host watches for non-Reward Kent reappearance or transformation. Host can also try to enter the Kent.
  6. Guest exits game. Guest rejoins game. Guest can now see the non-Reward Kent, and can store it.


Boost-unlock kent

Unlockable Saints Kent

The Harvester and Tiller variants can be modified at Semi Broken and have a total of 11 Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Hydraulics, Kneecappers or Wheel Options available.

  • 3 Front Mods
  • 2 Trims
  • 2 Taillights
  • 2 Roof Lights
  • 2 Decal 1s
  • Body Color
  • Trim Color
  • Rim Color
  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color


  • The Cheat for this vehicle is #1059.
  • The name may refer to the German tractor and combine manufacturer Fendt.
  • There is a scene in Superman III, where Superman, AKA Clark Kent, saves Ricky from a Combine Harvester.


  • Kent
  • The harvester variant
  • The unlockable reward variant
  • The tiller variant
  • Harvester variant
  • Reward variant
  • Tiller variant
  • Kent in Redneck Bonus Derby


  1. Image:
    Kent Combine unlocked in Saints Row 2

    Unlock image

  2. Note: The Kent is only driven by "City - Civilian - Farm", which only spawns in the University district, and not the Arena district where Pleasant view is located.
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