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Kanto exterior from the north west

The Ronin






Kanto Connection




Saints Row 2

Kanto is a enterable building in Saints Row 2.


Kanto is a three-storey Japanese restaurant and bar in Rebadeaux where The Protagonist and Jyunichi face off in the Ronin mission Kanto Connection.

The building is enterable at all times, but does not contain a Fast Food store.

There is only one entrance. There is one staircase downwards from the top level to the second level, and two staircases from the second to the bottom level, although it is possible to jump down. From the outside it appears that there are upper levels, but these cannot be accessed.

There are many doors which cannot be opened, and the second level has 3 doors which lead to small alcoves. However, the light color of the doors masks the door icon.

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Improvised WeaponsEdit

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  • teapot - large metal vase near the front doors
  • chair - wood
  • bar stool - wood


  • The name of the restaurant is a reference to the Kantō region of Japan, where Tokyo is located.
  • Bums and Pimps spawn inside the building.
  • Glitching through the lower rear door using the "Smack that Ass" taunt and a Hand Grenade takes The Protagonist to a ledge where the Kanto minimap is visible.[1]


  • Concept Art of Kanto
  • Kanto Street View
  • Kanto Front Desk
  • Kanto Top Floor with Pimps
  • Kanto Bottom Floor
  • Front of Kanto
  • Kanto from an Angle View
  • Kanto Bottom Floor View
  • Kanto Waterfall Sign
  • Kanto - minimap square after falling out of map
  • Kanto - interior after falling out of map


  1. Image:
    Kanto - minimap square after falling out of map

    Kanto minimap square after falling out of map

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