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Jimmy Torbitson
Jimmy Torbitson close-up
Jimmy Torbitson in The Trouble With Clones
Appears in

The Trouble With Clones






Unnamed mother





Voiced by

Yuri Lowenthal[1]

Jimmy Torbitson is a character in The Trouble With Clones DLC for Saints Row: The Third.[2]

Local boy Jimmy Torbitson, age 17, wows record crowd at the Steelport Science Fair.
Genkibowl VII News ticker[3]


Genkibowl VIIEdit

During the opening cutscene of the first Activity in Genkibowl VII, Apocalypse Genki, the news ticker reveals that the 17 year old Torbitson wows a record crowd at the Steelport Science Fair.[3]

The Trouble With ClonesEdit

Jimmy Torbitson calls the Saints when a monster he created breaks loose[4], The Saints realize that he cloned Johnny Gat. When the first attempt fails he dresses Pierce as Aisha. Then when Johnny Tag takes Pierce, The Protagonist takes his Saints Flow which give him superpowers.[5]


  • "James Torbit" is listed as Tester in the Saints Row credits, Associate Producer in the Saints Row 2 credits, and Lead Associate Producer in the Saints Row: The Third credits.
  • At 17 years old, Jimmy is the second youngest character in the series, beaten only by Matt Miller, who is a year or so younger than him.
  • He drives a Zimos for a getaway car.
    • When the Saints question his mode of transportation, he explains that it's his mother's car and it is "very reliable".
  • He shares the same character model with normal civilians in Saints Row: The Third, including his glasses.
    • There is an Assassination target named Jim who uses the same character model. He is said to be a cable guy who swindled Pierce.
    • A nervous fan using the same character model asks The Protagonist to sign his Gangstas In Space comic while they are talking to Pierce and Viola inside of Steelport News.[6] While it is possible that this character is intended to be Jimmy himself, this is not confirmed. Jimmy is also nervous during his initial phone call in the mission "Weird Science".


  • "Local boy Jimmy Torbitson, age 17, wows record crowd at the Steelport Science Fair."


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