Hotels & Marina map in Saints Row 2
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Hotels & Marina is a district of Stilwater in Saints Row 2


Hotels & Marina is located in the northeast of Stilwater and consists of two neighborhoods, Stilwater Boardwalk and Centennial Beach, and is bordered by Suburbs, High End Retail and Museum Districts.

The district features a large outdoor mall, multiple piers with shops and food stands, a restaurant atop a docked pirate ship and a Lighthouse. There are 2 underground parking garages with cars driving in them aimlessly.

This District was built some time after the events of Saints Row, and is controlled by the Ronin.

The boardwalk is used as the location for the annual Family Fun Day held by Ultor, but is interrupted by the massacre of every Ultor employee attending the corporate festivities.[1]




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  1. Mission: Ultor Family Fun Day
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