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Saints Row 2

The Hotel Penthouse is a crib in Saints Row 2.


It costs $40,000 and is located inside the Hapton Hotel in the Huntersfield neighborhood of the Airport District.

Once purchased, it provides access to all of the normal interior Crib Components, and has access to a rooftop helipad.

This crib and the Airport Hangar are the only cribs located in The Brotherhood territory.

It is the only crib in Saints Row 2 to have businesses within the same building: the Crash Landing bar and On Thin Ice jewelry store.

Customization Edit

There are 14 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall Style Classy
Ultra Modern
Home Theater Cheap
50 inch plasma
Table Nothing
Domino table
Pimp poll table
Decorations Column
Giant potted plant
Stripper Pole
Bed Twin size
King size
Rotating bed


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Hotel Penthouse is The Krunch 106.66.
  • In Co-op, the guest can open the door to the helipad, while host cannot.
  • This is the only Crib in Saints Row 2 to have a full indoor pool.


  • Hotel Penthouse purchased
  • Hotel entrance
  • The elevator to the apartment
  • Radio in Hotel Penthouse
  • Hotel penthouse interior
  • Hotel penthouse interior
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - bedroom
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - dominos
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - downstairs
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - kitchen seating
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - kitchen
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - stairs and plant
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - stairs
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - table and jukebox
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - tv area
  • Hotel Penthouse - Classy - tv
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - bar
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - bedroom
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - desk
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - downstairs
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - kitchen seating
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - kitchen
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - pool
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - stairs
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - table and jukebox
  • Hotel Penthouse - Ultra Modern - tv


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