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Hitman is an Activity in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Ui act question

Not to be confused with Assassination


In Saints Row, Hitman is one of if not the hardest activities in the game, as searching for a target around the city, could take a few hours or even days in real time. The activity was designed so that missions or other activities could be done whilst waiting for the targets to show up. The activity is easier in Saints Row 2, with most targets having a fixed location or a way of luring them out.

After getting the list of targets from the client, it is added to the Activities menu. Targets can be killed at any time, but are more easily located by adding them to the HUD.

Most targets only spawn at certain locations, but some spawn anywhere in Stilwater.

Saints RowEdit

In Saints Row, targets must be killed with a certain weapon.


Hitman - Life Lessons - Deb


Los Carnales (Wardill Airport)

Deb: "Don't ask questions, just come with me."
Deb leads The Protagonist to a table.
Deb: " for you."
She opens a briefcase full of money and turns it towards The Protagonist.
Deb: "If... you kill him."
She drops a photo on top of the money.
Deb: "Right now I'm willing to bet you're thinking one of two things. Either your[sic] thinking, "There's no way I can kill someone who's done nothing to me" or you're thinking, "How am I gonna spend all that cash". Let me tell you something sweetie, the second thought is gonna get you farther in this world."
Hitman Life Lessons CUTSCENES 0058
— Deb[1] in Life Lessons cutscene.
Hitman - An Offer They Can't Refuse... - Marcel


Vice Kings (Shivington, Projects District)

Marcel: "I'm glad you could make it...One of my niggas is in trouble and I need you to help. He's got a big court case comin' up and the prosecutor has a whole line of witnesses that could put him away...needless to say, that ain't gonna happen. I got a list of all the witnesses and I'll pay you for each one you can take out. That straight with you?"
Hitman An Offer They Can't Refuse... CUTSCENES 0066
— Marcel[1] in An Offer They Can't Refuse... cutscene.
Hitman - Lost In Translation - Wong and Translator

Wong and Translator

Westside Rollerz (Chinatown)

Translator: "Your table is this way, sir."
The Translator leads The Protagonist to Mr. Wong's table. Mr. Wong speaks in Mandarin, and the Translator translates it for The Protagonist.
Translator (translating): "My name is Wong Sheng Tai, welcome to my teahouse...please, sit down."
The Protagonist takes a seat, and Mr. Wong continues speaking in Mandarin.
Translator (translating): "It is an honor to meet you; it is rare in this country to find someone with your tenacity."
Photos are in front of The Protagonist, and Mr. Wong continues speaking in Mandarin.
Translator (translating): "Contained inside are the specifics about a group of men who have wronged my family...go and speak to them, but they are not to be harmed."
The Translator is immediately shot in the leg and he falls over screaming. Mr. Wong calmly places his gun on the table.
Mr. Wong (in English): "He heard me wrong. I wish for them all to be we have a deal?"
Hitman Lost In Translation CUTSCENES 0062
Mr. Wong and his Translator in Lost In Translation cutscene.



Name List Weapon Area Notes
Jackie Westside Rollerz Vice 9 Anywhere Ambulance driver.
Alan Westside Rollerz Knife Arena Found in Nightclubs.
Jose Westside Rollerz T3K Truck Yard Truck driver.
Roxanne Westside Rollerz NR4 Barrio Blonde with a long white skirt.
Charles Westside Rollerz Nightstick Suburbs
Juan Westside Rollerz Tombstone Apartments Jogs during the day.
Bucky Westside Rollerz Hand Grenade Arena Wears Hot dog outfit.
Bill Westside Rollerz K6 Krukov Anywhere FBI agent.
Richard Vice Kings .44 Magnum High End Retail Walks in the morning.
Don Vice Kings .44 Magnum Red Light Appears at sunset.
Hank Vice Kings Molotov Museum Drives a Delivery Truck.
Louise Vice Kings RPG High End Retail Drives a Quota.
Dick Vice Kings Knife Downtown Projects at night.
Marty Vice Kings Baseball Bat Suburbs Near Scratch That at 9am.
Billy Bob Vice Kings 12 Gauge Downtown Walks after 7am.
Henry Vice Kings T3K Downtown Drives a Status Quo. Sometimes at Freckle Bitch's in Mission Beach.
Chris Los Carnales SKR Wardill Airport Mailman driving a Newman.
Thomas Los Carnales Baseball Bat Docks & Warehouses Around Friendly Fire.
Julia Los Carnales Vice 9 Barrio Elderly woman.
Theresa Los Carnales Knife Barrio Overweight Prostitute.
Gabriel Los Carnales Tombstone Factories Walks at night.
Bill Los Carnales Molotov Factories Construction worker.
Tina Los Carnales GDHC Barrio Roller Skater
John Los Carnales McManus Anywhere Member of SWAT.


  • If the game is saved immediately after killing the last target on a list without allowing the reward screen to appear, reload the game causes the reward for completing the activity to be lost.
  • Doing activities raises the chances of the targets spawning. A random target may appear in area, regardless the specified area. Killing them with the correct weapon and finishing the activity rewards Cash and Respect from the client as well as the completed activity.
  • Hitman is not included in the German or Japanese versions of the game.

Saints Row 2Edit

UI act hitman

Map icon

In Saints Row 2, targets still appear on the map if not selected in the HUD.

Some targets require performing a certain action before they spawn, so it is important to read the details in the target list.

Sometimes, the target uses a decoy. After killing the decoy, the real target spawns.


How ya doin? I got a couple cases pending and there are a few key witnesses that could really throw a wrench in think you can make sure they don't make it to court?
Hitman Hotels & Marina SR2 VOC SP 05058
Legal Lee

OK, so hypothetically I might owe some people a lot of money after betting against the SU chess team. If you don't take those motherfucka's out, you might be out one lieutenant if ya know what I'm sayin'...
Hitman Barrio SR2 VOC SP 05056

Listen up: I got some people that need to be taken care of... you take 'em out and there's somethin' in it for ya.
Hitman Trailer Park SR2 VOC SP 06677
— Unknown Male

Some of my sponsors are trying to drop my show because I'm too honest...I need you to show them that was a bad idea. You're probably poor and desperate, I'm sure you can use the money.
Hitman Stilwater Penitentiary SR2 VOC SP 05070

I've sent you the dossiers of a couple individuals that need to disappear...
Hitman Saint's Row SR2 VOC SP 06678
— Unknown Male


  • Completed 1 list: Grenades in weapon cache
  • Completed 3 lists: Satchel Charges in weapon cache
  • Completed all 5 lists: Unlimited rifle ammo at crib
  • Completed all 5 lists: Hello 47 achievement


Image Name List Area Notes/Directions
Hitman SR2 1 1 Alvan Alvan Barrio Pleasant View Drink 40oz at the Drive-In
Hitman SR2 1 2 Brad Brad Barrio Barrio District Spray a Tag
Hitman SR2 1 3 Anoop Anoop Barrio Anywhere Gain Police Notoriety
Hitman SR2 1 4 Frank Frank Barrio Anywhere Call any Taxi Service
Hitman SR2 1 5 Scott Scott Barrio Anywhere Call Freckle Bitch's (555-MEAT)
Hitman SR2 1 6 James James Barrio Misty Lane Ho-ing inside Technically Legal
Hitman SR2 2 1 Jeremiah Jeremiah Hotels & Marina Museum/Hotels & Marina Ride a Motorcycle
Hitman SR2 2 2 Nate Nate Hotels & Marina Hotels & Marina District Gamble at Poseidon's Palace
Hitman SR2 2 3 Brian Brian Hotels & Marina Anywhere Call an ambulance (911)
Hitman SR2 2 4 Chris Chris Hotels & Marina Amberbrook Inside Buy Jove
Hitman SR2 2 5 Randy Randy Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk Buy from Ship It
Hitman SR2 2 6 Nick Nick Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk Top floor of the Heron Hotel
Hitman SR2 3 1 Everett Everett Prison Red Light Kill a Pimp
Hitman SR2 3 2 Justin Justin Prison Mourning Woods Cemetery Visit between 10PM and 4AM
Hitman SR2 3 3 Chris Chris Prison Arena Ride a Motorcycle
Hitman SR2 3 4 Tim Tim Prison Anywhere Call Stilwater Fire Department (555-FIRE)
Hitman SR2 3 5 Mitri Mitri Prison Factories Drink 40oz
Hitman SR2 3 6 Frank Frank Prison Anywhere Gain Police Notoriety
Hitman SR2 4 1 Shannon Shannon Trailer Park Trailer Park Inside the Laundromat
Hitman SR2 4 2 Jim Jim Trailer Park Nuclear Power Plant Call HazMat (555-OOPS)
Hitman SR2 4 3 Roje Roje Trailer Park Suburbs Expansion Inside Scratch That
Hitman SR2 4 4 Mike Mike Trailer Park Downtown District Commit suicide or wait in Downtown
Hitman SR2 4 5 Clint Clint Trailer Park Frat Row Inside the Stadium
Hitman SR2 4 6 Greg Greg Trailer Park Anywhere Any Freckle Bitch's
Hitman SR2 5 1 Apoop Apoop Saint's Row Encanto Inside On Track
Hitman SR2 5 2 Larry Larry Saint's Row Trailer Park Wear at tank top by the Trailers
Hitman SR2 5 3 Seabaugh Seabaugh Saint's Row Stilwater Boardwalk On the Pirate Ship
Hitman SR2 5 4 Mr. Flegel Mr. Flegel Saint's Row Bavogian Plaza On the Right Side of Rusty's Needle
Hitman SR2 5 5 Lt. Freeball Lt. Freeball Saint's Row Anywhere Gain Police Notoriety
Hitman SR2 5 6 Russell Russell Saint's Row Stilwater Caverns Inside the Caverns


  • The achievement Hello 47 is a reference to Agent 47, from the Hitman movie and games.
  • Hitman is not included in the Japanese version of Saints Row 2, along with the Human Shield and Mayhem.
  • Saints Row 2 doesn't feature any female Hitman Targets.
  • Pierce's list can be accessed before meeting Pierce.


  • Hitman instructions
  • Hand Grenades unlocked
  • Satchel Charges unlocked
  • Unlimited Rifle Ammo unlocked
  • Larry is a Bum in Saints Row 2.
  • After eliminating Chris in Saints Row 2


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