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High End district in Saints Row

High End Retail is a district on the north island of Stilwater in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


This area is home to many expensive shopping outlets, including the original location of the clothing store, Impressions, and jewelry store, On Thin Ice. In the northern part of the district, there are many non-enterable hotels and condos, including the Penthouse Loft Crib that can be bought for $40,000 (the Penthouse Loft is only available in Saints Row 2, however).

Saints RowEdit

This district is controlled by the Vice Kings and is split up into two neighborhoods: Nob Hill and Atlantis Avenue.

Saints Row 2Edit

This district is controlled by the Ronin and has been consolidated into one neighborhood, Nob Hill, although the underground Rounds Square Shopping Center is also classed as a neighborhood.




All of these are non-enterable

  • Jacques Hennequet tower, named after producer Jacques Hennequet.
  • Camden and Sons
  • Cresendo[sic]
  • Duante's
  • Payne and Co[sic]
  • Key of G
  • Jenny's Bling Bling Factory
  • Moudy & Schmidt
  • Nate & Bradley's Toy Box
  • Sparg's Guitars
  • Snapz
  • Lost & Found - designer clothing store.
  • Nat & Ramin's Jam House
  • Manyon Man
  • Henry's Dojo
  • Brodie Budder's Bagles
  • Lil's Bingo Hall
  • Gus and Gon's Comic Shop
  • Forester Books



  • High End Retail map in Saints Row
  • High End district in Saints Row
  • Concept art of the High End district from Saints Row 2


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