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Saints Row 2

The Heron Hotel is an enterable building in Saints Row 2.


This hotel is located in the Hotels & Marina District, northwest from Poseidon's Palace. It has 10 floors, not counting the roof. Access to the 10th floor can be gained with the elevator located in the lobby. The 10th floor is a long corridor, with one door open leading to a room with a balcony.

There are entrances on both sides of the building, one for pulling up in a vehicle, and one for pedestrians.

Additionally, there is a pool and seating area to the rear of the building.

This building does not feature in any mission, however, Nick, a Hitman target, can be found on the 10th floor.

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  • The Heron model seen both inside and outside the hotel can also be seen inside the Stilwater Science Center's "Evolution of Flight" exhibit.
  • Heron Hotel appears to share its architectural style, driveway, and rear pool area with the non-enterable building next to it, "Bittern Place".


  • The Heron Hotel
  • Front of the Heron Hotel
  • Front of the Heron Hotel
  • One of the two entrances of the Heron Hotel
  • The other entrance of the Heron Hotel
  • Inside of the Heron Hotel
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby with view of elevator
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby with view of open door
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby reception desk
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby guarded door
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby with view of closed door on opposite side of building
  • Heron Hotel - interior lobby sculpture
  • (Working) elevator of the Heron Hotel
  • 10th floor of the Heron Hotel
  • Room where the Hitman target "Nick" can be found
  • Heron Hotel - room view of couch
  • Heron Hotel - room view from balcony door
  • View from the balcony of the room
  • Heron Hotel - view from balcony to the right
  • The building of the Developer offices can be seen from here
  • The corridor of the 10th floor, with the elevator
  • Parking located under the Heron Hotel
  • Parking located under the Heron Hotel
  • Parking located under the Heron Hotel
  • Parking located under the Heron Hotel. We can assume it is linked with the Heron Hotel because of the elevator
  • Heron House sign


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