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Hapton Hotel
Hapton Hotel 1 - enterable







Saints Row
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Hapton Hotel is an enterable building in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


The Hapton Hotel is located in the Wardill Airport neighborhood in Saints Row and in the new Huntersfield neighborhood of the Airport District in Saints Row 2. In the hotel lobby, there is a Jewelry Store called On Thin Ice, as well as a Night Club named Crash Landing.

In Saints Row, Deb[1] provides a Hitman list in the hotel lobby.

In Saints Row 2, The top floor of the hotel contains the Hotel Penthouse crib. A second Hapton Hotel is located in the Ultor Dome Neighborhood, but this location cannot be entered.


  • The name Hapton Hotel is a parody of Hilton hotels, which are often located near airports in real life.
  • The piano player in the lobby has no stool and is floating in the air.[2]


  • The lobby in Saints Row
  • Huntersfield Hapton Hotel in Saints Row 2
  • Ultor Dome Hapton Hotel in Saints Row 2
  • Hapton logo


  1. Note: The name comes from the game data files
  2. Image:
    Hapton Hotel - piano man has no stool

    Piano man has no stool

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