Grand Finale Part Four
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Punch the Shark


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"Grand Finale Part Four" is the final mission in Saints Row IV.

That's a... that's a big fucking robot.
— The Protagonist (Female 1) upon seeing Zinyak's mech.


The Punch the Shark Quest is split into four different Missions. Unlike the previous three Missions in the Quest, there is no Homie selection at the beginning, as in continues directly from the previous Mission.

This mission begins with The Protagonist breaking through the vent into Zinyak's throne room. Zinyak and The Protagonist then fight. Zinyak gets a suit of power armour and creates a shield around him while The Protagonist is attacked by explosive C.I.D.s and Zin troops.

After a quick time event, Zinyak is killed, his throne rises up, and The Protagonist sits in it.


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This fight is separated into four stages and a quick time event at the end.

During the first stage, Zinyak moves around the map in a giant mech suit, standing on one of the platforms around the edge of the map. After standing on a platform for a while, he flies to another platform while attacking. If The Protagonist is not on Zinyak's platform, he fires large explosive laser blasts at a rapid rate in The Protagonist's direction. If The Protagonist shares the platform with Zinyak, he uses a powerful stomp attack in an attempt to knock The Protagonist off the platform.

In the second stage, Zinyak surrounds himself with a barrier and exploding CIDs on the central platform. The only way to damage Zinyak is to catch him in the explosion radius of a CID. The Protagonist is encouraged to use Telekinesis to hurl CIDs through the barrier, and can do so either from the center platform or one of the side platforms, the latter of which is much safer but much slower. It is encouraged to use Force element, as the CIDs detonate if they take too much damage.

In the third stage, the shield generators manifest, as well as a swarm of portals which spawn Zin and Murderbots. The Saints also arrive on Xors and aid The Protagonist in battle. This stage is cleared by disabling the generators.

The final stage is similar to the first stage, but with all of the enemies and allies from previous stages in battle.


There are two endings to this mission, though it is not through any actions in this mission. If all loyalty quests are completed, then the bonus ending is played, in which the Saints discover time travel and the narrator is revealed to be Jane Austen. If not all the loyalty quests are completed, then the Saints do not discover time travel and the "Saints and Sensibility" achievement is not unlocked.

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  • Outfit - Iron Saint unlocked
  • Mech Suit unlocked
  • Time of Day unlocked


  • This quest is made up for 4 missions, which are visible in the quest log. After each mission, it is possible to quit and resume the current mission from the Quests menu. After completing side-quest missions, or saving and reloading, the current Grand Finale mission is auto-started.
  • The song "This Is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan plays during the bonus ending, where everyone plus Zinyak dances in the club "On Track". This song is played on The Mix 107.77.
  • The finale quick time event battle does not require any buttons to be pressed.
  • The phrase "You keep what you kill" has recently been popularised in the film The Chronicles Of Riddick.
  • After completing the mission, the post-game tutorial text is titled "I came, I saw, I conquered", which is the English translation of Julius Caesar's famous line "Veni, vidi, vici".
  • The Protagonist promising Zinyak to rip his head off and later keeping their words in the final cutscene seems to be a reference to Duke Nukem 3D Lunar Apocalypse episode boss fight which also took place on a space installation, although Duke's promise featured some additional actions that were performed in the ending cutscene as well as the decapitation itself. Furthermore, the whole named episode involved aliens kidnapping Earth citizens making the reference more likely.
  • At the start of the game, the ending scene is shown briefly, with The Protagonist in "The Iron Saint" power armor.
  • The phrase "Not with a bang but a whimper" is from the poem The Hollow Men by T. S. Eliot, and was previously quoted by Killbane.[1]
  • The Iron Saint outfit is based on Iron Man.
  • There are many unique features to this mission:
    • The C.I.D. bots use suicide attacks to injure The Protagonist, rather than shield or revive the Zin.
    • This is the only real world mission where the Zin uses Portals.
    • Unlike all other final boss fights in the Saints Row series, all the Saint lieutenants participate in the final boss fight, in addition to non-Saints.
    • The Saint lieutenants and allies use Saint themed Xor hoverbikes, and is the only time a Saints-themed Zin vehicle are used by the Saints outside the Simulation.
    • The Protagonist verbally expresses concern that they were struggling badly with the final boss fight.
  • The quest description, "You want the good ending? Hope you bonded with your crew.", hints that the player must complete all Loyalty missions in order to get the good ending.
  • If Telekinesis fails to work, you can guide the CIDs close to the shield to detonate, where their blast radius is wide enough to injure Zinyak through it.



Zinyak: "Quite the entrance."
The Protagonist: "I figured you had a flair for the dramatic."
Zinyak: "Oh, you know me so well."
The Protagonist: "I'm really going to miss these bonding sessions when I kill you."
Zinyak: "Look at you... Mercutio to my Tybalt..."
The Protagonist: "Don't be too excited, Tybalt dies at the end."
Zinyak: "I'm surprised you knew that."
The Protagonist: "I didn't, Kinzie told me over the radio."
Zinyak: "Well, at least you're honest."
The Protagonist: "Always. That way you know I'm not lying when I say I'm gonna to rip your goddamn head off."
Zinyak: "You're adorable. Zinjai!"
Zinjai: "Yes, your excellency?"
Zinyak: "Is the empire watching?"
Zinjai: "Of course, your excellency."
Zinyak: "Humanity is dead, my friend. The time has come for you to follow suit."


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Female 1: "Where's your army to help you now?"
Female 2: "Believe it Zinyak. It's over."
Female 3: "I tried to warn you, Zinyak."
Male 1: "No one's coming to save you now, Zinyak."
Male 2: "These are your last moments, Zinyak."
Male 3: "Oh, you're done toying with humanity."
Nolan North: "No one's coming to save you now."
Zinyak: "The legacy of the Zin Empire will continue to live on."
Female 1: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Female 2: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Female 3: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Male 1: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Male 2: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Male 3: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Nolan North: "This isn't for your empire, this is for the people of Earth."
Female 1: "And all the other races you destroyed."
Female 2: "It's time you joined those you killed."
Female 3: "And the people of Earth don't forget."
Male 1: "It's time you paid the piper, Zinyak."
Male 2: "Most of all, this is for me."
Male 3: "Show's over. Time to settle your tab."
Nolan North: "It's time you paid the piper, Zinyak."
— Beat Down Coming

Zinyak: "There is no universe in existence where you could defeat me!"
Zinyak: "Killing you will be my greatest triumph!"
Zinyak: "By all means, continue this futile attempt."
Zinyak: "Do not think you are gaining any ground here, Saint."
Zinyak: "It seems you will die alone in the cold emptiness of space."
— Beginning Fight Taunt

Zinyak: "Get my shield back up, NOW!"
Female 1: "No one's gonna help you."
Female 2: "Nothing will save you."
Female 3: "I don't think so."
Male 1: "That's not going to happen."
Male 2: "Not gonna happen."
Male 3: "I don't think so."
Nolan North: "That's not going to happen."
— Final Shoot Zinyak

Zinyak: "What is this intrusion?!"
Johnny Gat: "Don't worry, we got your back!"
Kinzie: "Sorry we're late!"
Pierce, after arriving: "Time to get this shit started!"
Shaundi: "We're here, boss!"
— Saints arrive

CID: "I have succeeded in unlocking the shield generators. Disable them and the shield should go down."
Female 1: "No more hiding for you, Zinyak."
Female 2: "Time's almost up for you, Zinyak..."
Female 3: "Oh yeah, I'm fixin' to bury you soon, Zinyak."
Male 1: "You hear that, Zinyak. I'm coming for you."
Male 2: "Bad news for you, Zinyak."
Male 3: "You're almost out of time, Zinyak."
Nolan North: "You hear that, Zinyak. I'm coming for you."
Zinyak: "Don't expect it to be that easy for you."
— Generators Now Up
Female 1: "That's a... that's a big fucking robot."
Female 2: "If that's how you want it, I'm ready for you."
Female 3: "Well well then. Time to dance."
Male 1: "Well... wasn't expecting that. Let's do this."
Male 2: "You finally ready to end this? Let's go."
Male 3: "Well okay then... time to end this."
Nolan North: "Well... wasn't expecting that. Let's do this."
Zinyak: "Once I kill you my whole empire will see the futility of humanity's last stand."
— Mission Start

Zinyak: "Too afraid to fight?"
Zinyak: "You're only delaying the inevitable."
Zinyak: "Come out and face me, Saint!"
Zinyak: "Now you show your cowardice!"
— Player Hiding Taunt

Female 1: "Welcome to the party!"
Female 2: "That was cutting it close!"
Female 3: "Let's do it, people!"
Male 1: "Damn am I glad to see you guys!"
Male 2: "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
Male 3: "Right in time!"
Nolan North: "Damn am I glad to see you guys!"
Johnny Gat: "Get the fuck away from the boss, assholes!"
Asha: "Draw their fire!"
Pierce: "No problem!"
Female 1: "Time for this shield to go."
Female 2: "I'm taking your shield, Zinyak."
Female 3: "Oh that shield's coming down now."
Male 1: "Now to get this fucking shield down."
Male 2: "And now for this fucking shield..."
Male 3: "Alright. Focusing on the shield."
Nolan North: "Now to get this fucking shield down."
— Saints Attack Wardens
Female 1: "End of the road, Zinyak."
Female 2: "You're done hiding, Zinyak."
Female 3: "End of the line, Zinyak."
Male 1: "No more hiding, Zinyak."
Male 2: "Zinyak, I'm comin' for you!"
Male 3: "Just you and me now."
Nolan North: "No more hiding, Zinyak."
Zinyak: "This changes nothing!"
Female 1: "Kiss your empire goodbye."
Female 2: "I hope your whole empire's watching."
Female 3: "Oh sugar. You're a dead man."
Male 1: "Your whole empire is about to change."
Male 2: "Wrong. I'm about to change everything."
Male 3: "The sun's about to set on your empire."
Nolan North: "Your whole empire is about to change."
— Set Up Final Fight
Female 1: "CID, I need that shield down..."
Female 2: "CID? Any progress on that shield?"
Female 3: "CID, is that shield coming down soon?"
Male 1: "CID, what's the status on that shield?"
Male 2: "CID! Shield status!"
Male 3: "How's that shield coming, CID?"
Nolan North: "CID, what's the status on that shield?"
CID: "Power sources located, though unlocking them is proving difficult. I need more time."
Female 1: "I'm counting on you, CID."
Female 2: "Time is a bit of a luxury right now."
Female 3: "Hopefully not too much time."
Male 1: "I'll give you as much as I can, but it better be done soon."
Male 2: "I'll do what I can."
Male 3: "I'll buy you what I can."
Nolan North: "I'll give you as much as I can, but it better be done soon."
— Shield Update
Zinyak: "Here and now I shall show the Zin Empire once more why they serve me!"
Female 1: "Let's see how much shit you're talkin' after I break you in half."
Female 2: "The only thing they'll see today is how even you can fall."
Female 3: "They're not servin' you for long!"
Male 1: "You didn't give them a choice. It's time that changed."
Male 2: "They never had a choice who to serve. Not till now."
Male 3: "They serve because they're slaves. But not for much longer."
Nolan North: "You didn't give them a choice. It's time that changed."
Zinyak: "Please, I have conquered countless worlds. Only your pride makes you think the Saints could defeat me."
Female 1: "This isn't pride... This is you eating my fist."
Female 2: "Zinyak, this isn't pride... This is wrath."
Female 3: "Oh, Zinyak, this ain't pride... This is wrath."
Male 1: "Zinyak, this ain't pride... This is wrath."
Male 2: "Zinyak, this isn't pride... This is wrath."
Male 3: "Zinyak, this isn't pride... This is wrath!"
Nolan North: "Zinyak, this isn't pride... This is wrath."
— Start Fight Convo

Zinyak: "I do hope you like my latest creations. They're very friendly."
Female 1: "How many of those things does he have?"
Female 2: "Well shit, this doesn't look good."
Female 3: "I'm guessin' friendly ain't a good thing."
Male 1: "Now what the hell are those for?"
Male 2: "One bullshit trick after another."
Male 3: "What bloody kind of C.I.D.s are these?"
Nolan North: "What the hell are those for?"
— SuiCIDs Arrive
CID: "Readings on those C.I.D.s are showing high amounts of explosives inside. I would not let them get close."
Female 1: "Aw, fuck. What about getting past his shield, CID?"
Female 2: "Understood. Any ideas on getting past the shield?"
Female 3: "Appreciate it, CID, but I need to know how to get through his shield."
Male 1: "Well great... Thanks for the tip, but nothing I do can get past that shield. I'm open to ideas here."
Male 2: "Good to know, but my main problem's that shield."
Male 3: "Fantastic. Now tell me how to hit the bastard through that force field."
Nolan North: "Well great... Thanks for the tip, but nothing I do can get past that shield. I'm open to ideas here."
CID: "Those C.I.D.s seem to be able to pass through unhindered. Perhaps throwing them back would work."
Female 1: "On it. Keep looking for a way to disable that shield."
Female 2: "Clever, but I'll need the shield down eventually..."
Female 3: "I'm willing to try, CID, but I'd rather drop that shield entirely."
Male 1: "I'll give it a try, but I'll need that shield down eventually."
Male 2: "I'll give it a shot, but I'm still gonna need that shield gone."
Male 3: "I'll give it a shot. Work on bringing down that shield."
Nolan North: "I'll give it a try, but I'll need that shield down eventually."
CID: "Very well. I will attempt to find the power sources generating the shield."
Female 1: "Just make it fast."
Female 2: "Tell me if it works."
Female 3: "Let me know how that goes."
Male 1: "Keep me posted."
Male 2: "Keep me updated."
Male 3: "Good idea. Get it done."
Nolan North: "Keep me posted."
— SuiCIDs Explanation
Use your suit's powers to throw the C.I.D.s back at Zinyak.
— CID Nag

Zinyak: "Clever, but ultimately futile."
Female 1: "Nothing you have is gonna save you."
Female 2: "All your tech won't stop me."
Female 3: "Nothing you have is gonna save you."
Male 1: "Even your technology won't save you."
Male 2: "All your tricks won't save you."
Male 3: "Same goes for your technology!"
Nolan North: "Even your technology won't save you."
Zinyak: "We'll see about that."
— SuiCIDs Used on Zinyak
Female 1: "I'm gettin' a little worried here guys. Kinzie...? CID...? Keith...? Anyone?"
Female 2: "I need help. Situation untenable. Kinzie...? Asha, Keith...? Anyone...?"
Female 3: "I could use the cavalry, y'all! Kinzie...? Pierce...? Keith...? Anyone...?"
Male 1: "Guess I could really use some help in here... Heh heh. Kinzie...? Matt...? Keith...? Anyone...?"
Male 2: "Hey, Saints! I need backup! Kinzie...? Johnny...? Keith...? Anyone...?"
Male 3: "I'm in over my head here. Kinzie...? Ben...? Keith...? Anyone...?"
Nolan North: "Guys, I could really use some help in here. Kinzie...? Matt...? Keith...? Anyone...?"
Zinyak: "To paraphrase the writer William Shakespeare; all that lives must die, even a Saint."
— Warden Fight Begin
Female 1: "Really really not good."
Female 2: "Mon dieu, I'm in trouble."
Female 3: "Now may be the time to panic."
Male 1: "Okay, I'm in trouble!"
Male 2: "I'm gettin' a little panicked here!"
Male 3: "Okay, I'm a bit fucked!"
Nolan North: "Okay, I'm in trouble!"
— Warden Fight Going Bad
Female 1: "Damn it all."
Female 2: "Son of a bitch..."
Female 3: "Aw, hell..."
Male 1: "Well shit..."
Male 2: "Well fuck..."
Male 3: "Bloody hell..."
Nolan North: "Well shit..."
— Wardens Arrive
Zinyak: "You forget... I have an army at my command."
Female 1: "Can't handle me yourself, huh?"
Female 2: "Coward! Fight me yourself!"
Female 3: "What ever happened to single combat?"
Male 1: "How about you fight me on your own, Zinyak?"
Male 2: "So I'm too much to handle by yourself?"
Male 3: "Afraid to face me on your own?"
Nolan North: "How about you fight me on your own, Zinyak?"
Zinyak: "And deny my people the enjoyment of aiding their beloved leader? I think not."
Female 1: "Believe me, they won't enjoy it."
Female 2: "I am sure they enjoy being forced to die."
Female 3: "At least they'd live longer."
Male 1: "Your people would get over it."
Male 2: "Then your people need a new leader."
Male 3: "Nothing about you is beloved, believe me."
Nolan North: "I think your people would get over it."
— Zin Soldiers Arrive
Zinyak: "You can kill me, but my people WILL avenge my death! Then your race will be wiped from it's pitiful existence in this universe."
Female 1: "Is runnin' shit now."
Female 2: "Just die so I can bring some fucking democracy!"
Female 3: "We're done talking."
Male 1: "Shut the fuck up!"
Male 2: "Just die so I can bring some fucking democracy!"
Male 3: "Not with a bang, but with a whimper."
Nolan North: "Shut the fuck up!"
— Zinyak Dying
Female 1: "You're not leaving here alive, Zinyak."
Female 2: "You've grown soft on your throne, Zinyak."
Female 3: "This isn't lookin' good for you, Zinyak."
Male 1: "Come on, Zinyak, is that all you got?"
Male 2: "Come on, Zinyak, can't you do better than that!"
Male 3: "It takes more than that to put me down!"
Nolan North: "Come on, Zinyak, is that all you got?"
Zinyak: "You think you're winning, don't you? How amusing."
Female 1: "Seriously?"
Female 2: "And here I expected you not to be a coward."
Female 3: "Okay now that just isn't fair."
Male 1: "What the fuck...? Okay that is not fair."
Male 2: "Seriously? You're gonna pull that shit now?"
Male 3: "Where the hell are you going? Come on, face me!"
Nolan North: "What the fuck...? Oh that's just not fair."
— Zinyak Entering Shield
No! No! This cannot be!
— Zinyak, going down

Female 1: "Having a few problems with your suit, Zinyak?"
Female 2: "Having a few problems with your suit, Zinyak?"
Female 3: "Looks like your suit's havin' problems."
Male 1: "Seems your suit's having some problems."
Male 2: "Having some technical problems?"
Male 3: "Looks like that suit's having some problems."
Nolan North: "Seems your suit's having some problems."
Zinyak: "No, my dear Saint, I am not the one with the problem."
— Zinyak Suit Damaged


Shaundi: "You got to be fucking kidding me."
Kinzie: ""Keep what you kill," it's a classic."
The Protagonist: "Alright?"
The Protagonist: "...time to take over a new home world."
Narrator: "And so, the Saints Empire was born."
— Ending without Loyalty missions completed

Shaundi: "You got to be fucking kidding me."
Kinzie: ""Keep what you kill," it's a classic."
The Protagonist: "So do I get a manservant or what?"
Zinjai: "Excellency, I'm Zinjai, your personal steward."
The Protagonist: "Alright ZJ, I need you to level with me. How technologically advanced are the Zin?"
Zinjai: "In our experience we are the most advanced culture in the known universe."
The Protagonist: "Zinyak told a friend of mine that he could restore Earth, was he lying?"
Zinjai: "A half truth, your Excellency. Earth has been atomized, there is no undoing that. However, time travel would allow you to see Earth again before it's destruction."
The Protagonist: "Whoa, whoa, whoa... Time travel?"
Zinjai: "Zinyak was fascinated with Earth culture, he made it a point to go back and build a menagerie of his favorite humans."
Pierce: "Don't tease me your Excellency."
The Protagonist: "Let's go on a field trip."
Narrator: "When the novelty of shaping history wore off, the Saints remembered the words of Zinjai..."
The Protagonist: "Is this all of them?"
Zinjai: "It's hard to say, Your Excellency. Zinyak was a long time collector."
Narrator: "...and that my friends, is how I first met the Saints."
— Ending with all Loyalty missions completed


  • The Protagonist confronting Zinyak
  • Pierce, Kinzie, Asha and Shaundi watching the confrontation
  • Zinyak teleporting away from The Protagonist
  • Zinyak's Mech Suit
  • The Protagonist recovering from Zinyak's attack
  • The final confrontation between The Protagonist and Zinyak
  • The final confrontation between The Protagonist and Zinyak
  • The Protagonist has to thrown the explosive C.I.D.s at Zinyak when behind the Shield
  • The Protagonist and the Saints fighting the Zin with Zinyak's suit nearly destroyed
  • The Protagonist with Zinyak's head and Spine
  • The Protagonist, new leader of the Zin.|
  • Zinjai informing the Saints about the ability to Time Travel
  • Creation of the Saints Empire
  • The Saints dancing
  • Pierce, Johnny and Cid dancing
  • Matt and The Protagonist dancing
  • Kinzie and Keith dancing
  • Benjamin and Kinzie dancing
  • Asha dancing
  • Shaundi dancing
  • The Protagonist (female) dancing
  • The Protagonist (female) dancing
  • Shaundi dancing
  • Shaundi dancing
  • Matt Miller dancing
  • Matt Miller dancing
  • Asha Odekar dancing
  • Asha Odekar dancing
  • CID dancing
  • CID dancing
  • Benjamin King dancing
  • Benjamin King dancing
  • Johnny Gat dancing
  • Gat attacking the camera man after his failed attempt to dance
  • Kinzie Kensington dancing
  • Kinzie stopping her dance abruptly
  • Pierce dancing
  • Pierce dancing
  • Keith David dancing
  • Keith David dancing
  • Zinyak dancing
  • Zinyak dancing
  • Zinjai showing The Protagonist Zinyak's most favorite Humans he abducted
  • The Protagonist looking at the abducted Humans
  • Jane Austen
  • Jane Austen
  • Ending message


  1. Mission: Three Way, "eliminate Killbane" ending
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