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A C.I.D., or Control and Interface Device,[1] is a character in Saints Row IV.

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For the Homie, see CID


C.I.D.s are robots that are used by the Zin to shield enemies from The Protagonist's attacks. At the final mission "Grand Finale Part Four" they also attack by self destructing.

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Command C.I.D.Edit

A Command C.I.D.,[2] which is also referred to as Golden CID[3] and Master Controller[4] appears during and after "Hack the Planet" at Notoriety 1-5.

Catching a Command C.I.D.s by pressing the Action button wipes all Notoriety. They are displayed on the Map, and cannot be killed with any weapon.

Pressing the Action button during the smash animation restarts the animation, and repositions The Protagonist slightly forward of the starting position, allowing the Command C.I.D. to be walked to a different location. Using this method, it is possible to walk a Command C.I.D. into the water, where the smash animation is cancelled, and the C.I.D. is trapped under the water.[5]


  • The Saints steal one of these to store CID's essence in.[6]
  • If a C.I.D. is shielding an enemy, they must be destroyed, frozen or thrown away with Telekinesis before the shielded enemy can be attacked.
  • C.I.D.s have a similarity to the Shield Osprey of the Warframe franchise, as both are small, flying drones that can produce shielding over its allies. This may be just a coincidence.
  • C.I.D.s are able to revive dead enemies.
  • There are 31 inactive C.I.D.s in a vacant lot directly north of Friendly Fire in Salander.[7]
    • As these are static models and not character models, it is not possible to see the head inside the shell, but it is possible to pick them up with Telekinesis.
    • As well as "normal" looking C.I.D.s, there are also "broken" C.I.D. shells, and this it the only place these broken C.I.D.s appear in the game.
  • Inside each C.I.D. is a disembodied head, which is a blonde version of Kinzie, and is named as such in the game data files. It is easiest to see the head inside of CID on The Ship, but it is also inside Shield C.I.D.s and Command C.I.D.s.
  • C.I.D.s can be destroyed by throwing them with Telekinesis in water.


  • Saints Row IV NPC - CID enemy
  • C.I.D. Shield
  • Concept art
  • Concept art
  • Concept art
  • Golden CID drones can be destroyed to remove all Notoriety (except level 6 Notoriety)
  • Golden CID exploding
  • C.I.D. drone shielding an Zin Soldier
  • C.I.D.s' location on the Map (marked with "1")


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