Gear Up
Gear Up in Quest Log
"Gear Up" in Quest Log

Gear Up

Quest Objective

Purchase or Upgrade a Weapon

Unlocked after

"Welcome to Hell"


Marked: 0. Minimum kills: 0

  • Wages symbol5,000
  • 200 XP

"Gear Up" is a quest in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

Find a Sinterpol Vending Machine and upgrade your weapon collection. I'll reimburse you a few bucks.
— Quest description


This optional quest introduces the player to Sinterpol Armory kiosks where one can buy and upgrade their weapons.


Head to vending machine

Even though the GPS directs the player to the kiosk in Liars Line neighborhood, any kiosk can be used.

Buy a weapon or upgrade

Press Action button to enter Sinterpol Armory menu.

Purchase upgrade or weapon

To proceed to the next objective, the player only needs to buy a gun.

Exit store

Exit the menu to complete the quest.



  • It is possible to complete the quest without selecting it in Quest Log.
  • Getting smoked during the quest simply respawns The Protagonist, with the quest still being active.


Check out the vending machine near the Ultor building. Is it a special vending machine? No. Have you bought stuff from a store already? Probably. But I would be remised as your guide if I didn't show you the basics.
Dane Vogel

Kinzie Kensington: "Johnny! The vending machines in hell have weapons!"
Johnny Gat: "Hell keeps getting better and better."
— After exiting the kiosk[1]


  • "Gear Up" in Quest Log
  • "Head to vending machine" objective
  • "Buy a weapon or upgrade" objective
  • "Gear Up" complete


  1. Note: The first line is spoken only when playing as Kinzie Kensington
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