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February 21st 2012


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Gangstas in Space is a DLC pack for Saints Row: The Third.[1]

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For the mission, see Gangstas in Space (Mission)

From the visionary mind of big-shot Hollywood director Andy Zhen, the Saints are back once again to complete the final scenes for their future blockbuster, "Gangstas In Space". With the world waiting in anticipation of the very first Saints movie, there's a lot on the line, and it's your job to act the part. Starring the Boss and introducing Jenny Jaros as Princess Kwilanna, you'll experience action, drama, blow-up dolls, and one hell of an alien invasion through a series of new missions.
— DLC description[2]


Gangstas in Space was released for all platforms on Tuesday, February 21st 2012 for $6.99 or 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, and free to all of those with a Season Pass.[2] There are three playable missions in it: "Faster, More Intense!", "Hangar 18 1/2" and "That's Not in the Script!".

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Viewer Pack The SecondEdit

Viewer Pack The Second is a free DLC, simultaneously released to allow players who have not purchased Gangstas in Space to play online with those who have. Viewer Pack The Second is the same size as Gangstas in Space.

This free pack will help keep your co-op game rolling if your partner has downloaded Gangstas in Space. This free pack does not allow you to play Gangstas in Space, but allows for full compatibility in a co-operative game. This pack is not necessary if you have already downloaded Gangstas In Space.
— Official description[3]


There are 3 missions in the Gangstas in Space DLC and they can be played at any time. Once the final mission has been completed, the first one becomes available again, allowing all of them to be be played as often as wanted.

The original game mission "Gangstas in Space" has a similar theme as the missions in the Gangstas in Space DLC, but is completely separate.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Main article: Achievements and Trophies in Saints Row: The Third

Name Gamerscore Trophy Requirement Type Image
I Do My Own Stunts 5Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
You parachuted in on the second take and stuck the landing.
Land on the Parachute Target during the rescue scene.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 62 I-Do-My-Own-Stunts
First Contact 10Gamerscore icon Silver
Silver Trophy icon
Destroy all enemy spacecraft during the chase scene.
You shot down every single spacecraft in the chase scene. Those things aren't cheap, ya know.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 63 First-Contact
Union Buster 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Kill 15 cameramen.
You killed 15 cameramen in an action sequence because you're a method actor.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 64 Union-Buster
Xenaphobe 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Kill Space Brutina.
You killed Space Brutina in an epic hangar battle.
Storyline Saints Row The Third Achievement 65 Xenaphobe
Lights! Camera! Action! 5Gamerscore icon Silver
Silver Trophy icon
Collect all 6 hidden clapboards.
You found every hidden clapboard backstage.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 66 Lights-Camera-Action
Pew! Pew! Pew! 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Kill 35 Space Amazons with the Laser Pistol.
You killed 35 Space Amazons with your Laser Pistol.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 67 Pew-Pew-Pew
Warrior Princess 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Kill 7 Space Amazons with Melee attacks.
You killed 7 Space Amazons with Melee attacks.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 68 Warrior-Princess
Revenge of the Navigator 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Destroy 10 enemy spacecraft with the Aegean while filming.
You destroyed 10 enemy spacecraft using the Aegean while the cameras were rolling.
Gameplay Saints Row The Third Achievement 69 Revenge-of-the-Navigator
Do a Barrel Roll! 10Gamerscore icon Bronze
Bronze Trophy icon
Perform all vehicle stunts with the Aegean.
You successfully performed all 3 vehicle stunts with the Aegean.
Storyline Saints Row The Third Achievement 70 Do-a-Barrel-Roll
C-List Celebrity 20Gamerscore icon Silver
Silver Trophy icon
Complete all missions for Gangstas in Space.
You successfully completed all 3 "Gangstas in Space" missions, That's a wrap!
Storyline Saints Row The Third Achievement 71 C-List-Celebrity


  • Despite being based on Johnny Gat's comic, he isn't featured or mentioned at all in the DLC, and it seems to centre around The Protagonist.
  • This DLC was originally announced for release in "winter 2012"[4], though ultimately it appears this was intended to reflect the actual season of release rather than the quarter of the year as one might expect.
  • Before release, it was widely speculated that the DLC would be based on the final mission of the same name, although this was proven to be false. However, the set used for the "Gangstas in Space" mission is hinted at in a cutscene in the DLC; The Protagonist makes a comment about another space set in-between scenes, wondering if they will be using it later.
  • On the Genkibowl newscast, it states on the bottom on the screen that the movie Gangstas in Space will be shot in Steelport in a month. This is most likely a reference to this DLC.
  • The character Jenny Jaros is a reference to lead writer Steve Jaros.
  • Zimos' Pad appears as a set in the sound stage during "Hangar 18 1/2".
  • On the back stage of the last sets in the mission "Hangar 18 1/2" is a cave scene recalling the Red Faction series and a large yellow mech; this is a "Heavy Walker" from Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  • Upon seeing the "Heavy Walker" back stage, The Protagonist thinks that it is real, and wishes to have one for himself, before Jenny tells him it is a prop.
  • On one of the backstage sets behind some old planks is an old Genkibowl sign.
  • Throughout the mission "Hangar 18 1/2", three new weapons are used: the Laser Pistol, the Auto Laser and the Laser Cannon, although these weapons can only be used in this mission and nowhere else.
  • In one of the back-stage areas, there is a set from Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax's "Baby or Cobra?". Professor Genki can heard promoting it on the radio.
  • In all three missions, whenever "action" is called by Andy Zhen, sounds of film reel being played is heard and the mission takes on the air of a B Grade movie.


  • "Warrior Princess" and "Xenaphobe" are references to Xena: Warrior Princess.
    • "Xenaphobe" is also a play on the word "xenophobe", someone with a fear of foreigners, who are usually called "aliens" in American English.
  • "I Do My Own Stunts" is a reference to the line spoken by Josh Birk in the first mission, which is a reference to multiple real-life action movies stars who perform their own stunt work, rather than using stunt doubles.
  • "Do a Barrel Roll!" is a reference to the internet meme of the same name. This line comes from Nintendo's Star Fox 64. This reference is also mentioned in the Saints Row IV mission "The Real World".
  • "Revenge Of The Navigator" is likely a reference to the film Flight of the Navigator, which centres around an alien spacecraft.
  • "First Contact" is a reference to the concept in anthropology of the first meeting of two cultures previously unaware of one another, which has been reused many times in science fiction stories as first contact with extraterrestrial life.


  • Gangstas in Space unlock screen
  • This comic is the namesake of the DLC
  • Logo for Baby vs Cobra
  • Clapper board from film set
  • Gangstas in Space poster
  • Gangstas in Space Cover


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