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Gang Customization is a feature in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

Saints Row 2Edit

Gang Customization is unlocked after acquiring the Saints Hideout.[1] Unlike other Cribs, it is not possible to customize the appearance of the Saints Hideout. Instead, there is the ability to customize the appearance of the 3rd Street Saints.

Gang optionsEdit

The clothes worn by the 3rd Street Saints.
  • Bodyguards - Professional clothing and unique Saints-themed Masako uniforms. (Unlocked after conquering 5 hoods)
  • Ninjas - Black and Purple ninjas. (Unlocked after conquering 16 hoods)
  • 80s - Stereotypical 80s clothing, with lots of Bling.
  • Gangster (default) - normal clothing with lots of Bling.
  • Pimps 'n Hos - Dressed as Pimps and Hos.
  • Prephop - Trendy semi-formal clothing.
  • Sporty - Athletic clothing, track pants and jerseys.
  • Cowboys (unused)[2]
  • College Students (unused)[3]
  • Cross Dressers (unused)[4]
Choice of 8 tags for use in the Tagging diversion.
Choose between 31 compliments and insults for Saints gang members to use. These are the same Taunts and Compliments available through Player Customization, except for the unlockable enemy gang options.
  • A-O-Kay
  • Blowin Kisses
  • Chest Bump
  • Come Get Some
  • Dog Piss
  • Ehhhhhhh!
  • Flex
  • Ha Ha!
  • Happy Days
  • I Can't Hear You!
  • I'm Number 1
  • Middle Finger
  • Na-na-na-nana-na
  • Neck Slice
  • Oh No You Di-in't
  • Ride that Donkey
  • Roar
  • Salute
  • Smack that Ass
  • Smooth Criminal
  • Spit 'n Flick
  • Take a Bow
  • Teabag
  • The Dumper
  • The Jig
  • The Wanker
  • Thumbs Up (default)
  • Vomit
  • Woof Woof Woof
  • YEAH!
  • You Crazy?

Vehicle optionsEdit

There are 3 Vehicle slots, with 26 total vehicle choices.

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Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Gang Customization is unlocked after "Party Time", and is available in all Cribs.

Gang optionsEdit

Style - There are multiple gang styles to choose from.

Style Availability
Saint Default
Clubber Default
Punk Default
Biker Default
Ninja Default
Guardsmen Tank Mayhem
Cops Kinzie Snatch
Hos Zimos Snatch
Mascot Complete Professor Genki's S.E.R.C.
Gimp Return to Steelport
Morningstars Pimps Up, Hos Down
Luchadores 3 Count Beat Down
Deckers Stop all the Downloading
Wrestlers Tiger Escort
Space Saints Gangstas in Space
Strippers Escort
Alien Faster, More Intense!
Penthouse Pets Penthouse Pack DLC
Zombie Disabled, listed in game data files
Nude Disabled, listed in game data files

In Saints Row: The Third, there are no gang tags.


Gang sign customization doesn't work outside the customize screen.

Star saints

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Vehicle optionsEdit

There are no unlockable Gang Vehicles, although the game files contain references to disabled Unlockables for each set of enemy gang vehicles.

Saints Row IVEdit

Gang Customization is unlocked after completing "The Real World" and can be done at any unlocked Gateway.


  • Saint
  • Biker
  • Clubber
  • Punk
  • Ninja
  • Gimp
  • Stripper
  • Space Saint
  • Mascots
  • Police
  • Guardsmen

Unlike the other games, there are no unlockable style options.

Vehicle optionsEdit


  • Saints Row: The Third is the first time Homies can be made to look like enemy gang members, but they have the Saints trademark Purple on them to distinguish them from their normal counterparts.
  • Although there are no unlockable gang styles in Saints Row IV, the cheat "Unlockitall" activates an unused "Wrestlers" Gang Customization option.
  • Gang customization vehicles usually have a Saints Purple paint job with Gold or White Gold trim. In Saints Row IV, they have a Pearlescent Satin White paint job with Saints Purple highlights and Alloy trim instead.
  • The unlock image for the 3rd group of unlockable Gang Customization vehicles shows a Socialite, which is not unlocked, and does not show a Bulldog, which is.


  • Gang Customization main menu
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style area
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Sporty
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Prephop
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Pimps 'n Hos
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Ninjas
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Gangster
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - Bodyguards
  • Gang Customization - Gang Style - 80s
  • Gang Customization - Vehicle Customization
  • Gang Customization - Vehicle Customization area
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 1
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 2
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 3
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 4
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 5
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 6
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 7
  • Saints Row 2 Tag 8
  • Promo image showing Gang Tag menu
  • Promo image showing Gang Sign menu
  • Promo image showing Pimps and Hos Gang Style
  • Gang Customization in Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Atlantica in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu
  • Saints Bootlegger in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu
  • Saints Criminal in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu
  • Saints Infuego in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu
  • Saints Sovereign in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu
  • Saints Torch in Saints Row IV Gang Customization menu


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