GL G20
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Luchadore Grenade

Clip size




Refire Delay


Ragdoll Force









one shot shatter, underslung fine aim, show reserve in hud
Melee: AK
Fuse: 3.25s

Appears in

Saints Row: The Third

The GL G20 is a Temporary Weapon in Saints Row: The Third.

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For the similar weapon in Saints Row IV, see Grenade Launcher


The GL G20 is an automatic grenade launcher that is used primarily by the Luchadores. As it is a temporary weapon, it cannot be stored in the weapons cache. The GL G20 can shoot grenades in a rapid fashion; while individually the grenades are fairly weak, the weapon's strength lies in creating carpets of these small explosions. A group of shots placed close can deal huge amounts of damage. On the other hand, the grenades have their own set of drawbacks as well: they don't explode on impact, they cannot be manually detonated, and they take a few seconds to explode which ultimately reduces their accuracy against moving targets.

The player can acquire the GL G20 from any Luchadore Specialist. It comes with a magazine size of 18 grenades, and can hold a maximum of 144 grenades.


  • Has a high rate of fire.
  • Can cause devastating damage to enemies and vehicles.
  • Unlike most temporary weapons, The Protagonist is still able to run at normal speed while wielding the GL G20.
  • The grenades take a few seconds to explode.
  • The grenades don't explode upon impact.
  • Unlike the M2 Grenade Launcher, the grenades cannot be detonated manually.
  • Can't be stored in the weapons cache or swapped with another weapon in the weapon wheel.
  • Individual grenades are extremely weak.
  • Rapid rate of fire plus small magazine means a lot of time is spent reloading rather than firing.


  • Although Luchadore Specialists can fire the GL G20 from the passenger seat of a car, The Protagonist cannot.
  • The Luchadore Specialists melee attack is equivalent to that of a Brute who wields a Mini-Gun or Incinerator.
  • "GL G20" may be a reference to the movie Spies Like Us, as this is classification of The Protagonists.
  • The Protagonist can do more damage than the specialist can with this weapon, The Protagonist can blow up cars with just a few grenades launched while a specialist can fire a whole clip around a car and it takes very little damage. Also when a specialist uses it, it mainly just stuns.
  • Even if the skill "Damage - Explosive 4" has been purchased. The Protagonist will still become stunned by it's explosions if caught in blast radius.


  • A Luchadore Specialist with the GL G20
  • The GL G20
  • glg20
  • GL G20
  • GL G20
  • GL G20


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