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Posted by 452 on 2017-08-21 01:31:44

As proposed 9 months ago, Message Walls have now been deactivated, and all content has been transferred to User_talk pages.

The talk page policies have not fundamentally changed since 2011.

But in case there's any doubt, here's a quick reminder of the most important rules.

  • Sign your comment with ~~~~
    • Your signature must be fundamentally similar to your username.
  • Use logical indents.
    • Each reply should be one level deeper than the parent comment.
  • Insults are not permitted.
    • Additionally: two wrongs do not make a right, it only makes two wrongs, and both violations will be dealt with equally.
  • Replies belong immediately below the comment you're replying to.
    • Do not leave a reply on the other person's talk page.
  • Messages left in the correct place may not be removed
    • You are not allowed to blank your user talk page. Anyone doing so will be blocked.
    • You can remove vandalism.
    • You can remove misplaced messages which belong elsewhere.
    • You can remove comments which clearly violate discussion and/or content policies.
    • You are not allowed to remove comments which do not otherwise violate the policies.
  • No discussion is "too old" to continue.
    • On topic replies are welcome, no matter how long it has been since the last comment.
    • Off-topic replies are never welcome.
  • Don't answer questions which admins have directed at specific users.
    • If an admin asks a question on a user talk page, it is probably because they want that user to answer it, for a specific reason.
    • If an admin wants an answer from anyone, they would post their question on the forum.

For a full list of talk page policies, with some examples, see Saints Row Wiki:Discussions

Questions about the discussion policies are welcome either here, or on Saints Row Wiki talk:Discussions.

452 01:31, August 21, 2017 (UTC)