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Posted by 452 on 2013-05-27 21:11:01

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On the 6th of April, 2013, Steve Jaros, the "Writing Lead" for Saints Row: The Third, confirmed via twitter than "Saving shaundi" is the canonical ending of Saints Row: The Third.

Link to his twitter post:

Therefore, at the end of Saints Row: The Third, the Magarac Island statue is still standing, the Daedalus attack never happened, Steelport is not a city-state, Shaundi, Viola, Burt Reynolds, Cyrus Temple and Killbane are alive, while Kia is likely dead. I say "likely" because canon deaths are usually shown in cutscenes. You must "kill" Maero to complete The Siege, but he still comes back for the next mission.

Anyone who thought that Killing Killbane was the true ending is wrong, and anyone who edits the wiki to change the facts will be blocked from editing. This link has already been used as a reference in several places, and should continue to be used as reference where-ever necessary.

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(My commentary on the matter, which doesn't really belong as part of the blog post itself.)
Obviously, The Protagonist would never have left Shaundi to die, but the fact that you can choose to play the game to see what happened was still pretty interesting. It wouldn't have been a very good ultimatum if you weren't able to choose.
I'm still hoping that the entirety of Saints Row: The Third was a Zin simulation, it's the only thing that really makes any sense.
Of course, I don't really see why Pierce and Oleg... and Zimos and Kinzie and every other member of the Saints, could not have gone to help Angel kill Killbane while The Protagonist when on his solo mission to Kill Kia.
The biggest problem with the series is that apparently everyone but Playa is completely useless. Well, apart from Gat, although even he still managed to get himself arrested, shot in the knee, run through with a sword and killed. Of course, The Protagonist isn't immune to occasionally being captured.
Instead of The Protagonist having to prove himself to Pierce by killing some Ronin, maybe Pierce should have had to prove his worth instead.
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Good points, and im glad that the Save Shaundi ending is canon, because the boss already shamed Killbane with the help from his Saints and Angel, and beat him in Murderbrawl 31, taking his mask. He didn't need to even go after Killbane, as he had already defeated the Syndicate by eleminating their leader (Phillipe Loren), taking Steelport from them and defeating the Morningstar, the Deckers, and by that point destroyed the whole Syndicate as well as the Luchadores themselves. The Protagonist wouldn't leave Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Renoylds to die just to kill one man.
When it comes to the The Protagonists lieutenants, I agree as Pierce and Oleg along with angel could've went after Killbane while the Protagonist went to save his friends. By that point the Saints own Stilwater and Steelport, and he wouldn't risk losing Shaundi, Viola, and Renoylds just to kill Killbane, even more so since he already shamed him, which Viola said was worse than Killing him. Im looking foward to seeing Shaundi and hopefully Viola in Saints Row IV, as well as finding out what happened to Killbane and Cyrus Temple, 2013-05-31T03:38:45Z
Cyrus Temple became a terrorist after the events of SR3 because not only did the Boss saved the Steelport monument, but also killed Major Kia and embarrassed him in front of Senator Monica Hughes(who was protecting her own hide,of course!),whom backed the Saints and called them heroes., 2013-07-08T22:52:46Z
Sounds good, but what's your source?
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wait then so what happens to Killbane after SR:TT
Theotherguy4576, 2014-06-19T19:14:13Z
At the end of SRTT, he flies away in his jet.
During SRIV, Shaundi says "he's dead now" in a homie conversation with Roddy. We don't know whether she thinks he's dead, or knows he's dead.
We don't know:
  • If the Saints tracked him down and killed him before Saints Row IV, as they did with Cyrus.
  • Whether Zinyak abducted him or not.
  • Whether "Killbane" in Matt Miller's text adventure simulation was real or a recreation, like... Cyrus.
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