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Posted by Moozipan Cheese on 2011-11-07 16:40:10

Last night, Volition, Inc.'s community manager, V-Singular, did a live Q&A video where he answered a few questions while showing off the Initiation Station. While most of the questions he answered are already known, there were some small tid-bits of info to scrape from the livestream. Sitting there with the video on one side, and a WordPad document on the other, I did just that.

Information Edit

Here's some answers to the more interesting questions I picked up on:

  • The Initiation Station was released on All Saints' Day.
    • Almost 1,000,000 unique characters uploaded to the Initiation Station so far.
  • Co-op pausing is all "null and void" (although, personally, I've noticed Whored Mode can be paused in co-op).
  • Many co-op features are accessible in the cellphone menu, and accessing it doesn't pause the game.
    • Furthermore, players can both buy clothes at same time.
  • Q&A 3 video coming later this week.
  • Nearly 100 cheats, both new and old. Answered further in Q&A 3.
  • No skateboards and bicycles for players.
  • "Pickpocket" upgrade allows players to gain money by making contact with people in the street.
  • Cockney voice back, but a different voice actor.
  • All compliments and taunts were mo-capped.
  • No cover system (no shit).
  • Gang customization returns. Answered further in Q&A 3. Can give gang members personal compliments/taunts.
  • Awesome button (the sprint button, essentially) works on almost every vehicle - with custom animations for each.
    • Awesome button doesn't work with flying vehicles.
  • You cannot turn the blur (censor) off. There is "nothing underneath".
  • "Saints Record Mode" for PC. Can record gameplay and switch off HUD.
  • 107.77 The Mix FM is V-Singular's favourite station.
  • The leaked radio stations tracklist is genuine.
  • Regarding Johnny Gat: "go and play the game, guys. We're not going to reveal part of the story right here" (this was due to the mass of idiots flooding the chat regarding Gat).
  • Can make your own mixtape.
  • Mr. Toots, a mystical unicorn from Red Faction: Armageddon, can be found in Saints Row: The Third.
  • Going into a business or Crib will slowly remove Notoriety.
  • Map size: "relatively the same". Steelport was designed around gameplay.
  • "Are there zombies? Yeah, of course there are zombies. How? They're part of a mission. Part of the main game! Have fun."
  • "Why is Burt Reynolds in the game? Why not?"
  • Arif S. Kinchen returns to voice Pierce.
  • "Are there dinosaurs? No" (Damn).
  • "More than 2-player co-op? No."
  • Whored Mode can be played single-player too.
  • No split-screen co-op. Maybe next-generation. Just system link or online.
  • Drift button added to almost all vehicles to improve driving. Every vehicle has unique drift, including the street sweeper (apparently "pretty hilarious").
  • Can take screenshots in game and upload them.
  • No height slider. They tried but it didn't work.
  • Co-op radios are not synced.
  • 1 out of every 100 times, Professor Genki spawns in the world. He comes equipped with weapons and is apparently pretty powerful; killing him gives you a reward, "maybe". A random occurence, but all play-testers had met him at least once while playing the game.
  • Stilwater is only in the first mission.

Conclusion Edit

So there you have it. Not too much interesting information, but every little helps, right?

Moozipan Cheese(talk page)

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Volition Inc. Live Stream - LIVE Community Q&A for Saints Row: The Third - Nov. 6th, 8PM CST.

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