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Food is a gameplay feature in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Food restores Health, and can be used when there is no time to wait for health to regenerate.

Booze increases melee attack power, while also affecting movement, and adding a rippling cosmetic effect to the screen. The Protagonist vomits after drinking too much Booze.

Weed increases damage resistance, and creates a distorted, clouded view. The Protagonist has a coughing fit after smoking too much Weed, which is shorter than vomiting, but empties the Stamina bar.

Consuming Booze or weed in front of a cop instantly increases Notoriety to level 1.

It is only possible to carry 4 items in the Food/Drug inventory at once. When using Food items The Protagonost goes through an eating animation which can be halted by buying, shooting, or Sprinting.

The Food/Drug inventory is part of the weapons HUD, and can be accessed any time weapons can be changed, including while driving a car or within a Store.

Food, drink, and drugs do not make an appearance in Saints Row: The Third, and are replaced by quick access to "off-hand weapons", such as Hand Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.[1]


  • Food items can be purchased at Fast Food restaurants.
  • Booze and Weed items can be purchased at Liquor Stores.
  • In the Zombie Uprising diversion, some zombies drop Food Items upon death. Reviving a survivor requires at carrying at least one food item, but this is not normally necessary.
  • In the Fight Club activity, spectators throw Food items into the ring.
  • Some Civilians, gang members and law enforcement drop Food items if jostled or killed, but food dropped by law enforcement can only be picked up in Saints Row 2.


The Septic Avenger activity in the Red Light District has two unlockables discounts for Food, Liquor and Drugs.

  • Level 3 - 5% discount
  • Level 6 - 15% discount

After 20 Store Hold-Ups, all food, liquor and drugs are free.

Item ListEdit


  • Duration (Seconds)
  • Effect (Chance that of throwing up)
  • Value (Used for choosing which item to replace)
  • Health Restored
  • Melee Boost (Percentage)
  • Reduced Damage (Percentage)
Name Type SR1 Cost SR2 Cost D E V H M R Store + Description
The Fist

Item food TheFist

Food 150 100 60 20 100 75 Freckle Bitch's

A pound and a half of meat, tomatoes, onions and hot spicy brown mustard. This big-ass burger is huge.

Chicken Bazooms

Item food ChickenBazooms

Food 50 75 60 20 100 60 Freckle Bitch's

Giant, oval chicken nuggets

Cognac (Henessy)

Item booze Cognac

Booze 30 30 40 50 50 0 35 Liquor Stores

Pop cap and drink it

Strange Egg Roll

Item food StrangeEggRoll

Food 50 60 20 90 40 Phuc Mi Phuc Yue

A tasty egg roll. Not sure what's in it, but it sure tastes good!

Sum Yung Guy

Item food SumYungGuy

Food 100 60 20 90 75 Phuc Mi Phuc Yue

A great snack straight from the cook

Sum Old Guy

Item food SumOldGuy

Food 75 60 20 90 60 Phuc Mi Phuc Yue

A great snack aged to perfection

Gin N' Juice

Item booze GinNJuice

Booze 20 20 50 40 40 0 25 Liquor Stores

Pop cap and drink it.

The Fist

Item food TheFist

Food 75 60 20 100 75 Charred Hard Burgers
The Twins

Item food TheTwins

Food 50 60 20 90 40 Charred Hard Burgers
Grecian Juice

Item drink GrecianJuice

Drink 20 60 20 80 20 0 0 Company of Gyros

Nectar of the gods

Lil' Gyro

Item food LilGyro

Food 50 60 20 90 40 Company of Gyros

A bite sized portion of meat on a pita. Great for kids.


Item food Kabob

Food 100 60 20 100 75 Company of Gyros

Steaming Kabob

Hot Gyro

Item food HotGyro

Food 75 60 20 100 60 Company of Gyros

A large mound of spicy meat on a pita.

Brown Donut

Item food BrownDonut

Food 75 60 20 100 60 Apollo's

A nice brown round donut. Perfect for dunking.

Donut Holes

Item food DonutHoles

Food 50 60 20 90 40 Apollo's

Bite sized fun. Perfect for thugs on the run.

The Twins

Item food TheTwins

Food 100 50 60 20 90 40 Freckle Bitch's

Two identical half pound burgers

Belly Jelly Donut

Item food BellyJellyDonut

Food 100 60 20 100 75 Apollo's

A big donut with a jelly filling

Dong Tea

Item drink DongTea

Drink 20 60 20 80 20 0 0 Phuc Mi Phuc Yue

Specially brewed tea for virility

40 oz. (Dolt 45)

Item booze 40oz

Booze 10 30 60 20 20 0 0 0 Liquor Stores

Sit back and crack open a Billy Dee.

Big Swallow

Item drink BigSwallow

Drink 20 20 60 20 80 20 0 0 Freckle Bitch's

A styrofoam cup of any delicious cola beverage.


Item drink Coffee

Drink 20 60 20 80 20 0 0 Apollo's

Coffee, black as the night.

Bubbly (Krystal)

Item booze Bubbly

Booze 40 40 30 75 75 0 45 Liquor Stores

Pop cap and drink it.


Item drug Pipe

Weed 30 30 40 50 30 0 Liquor Stores

Hey man...have you ever looked at the back of a $20 bill....on WEEEEEEED?


Item drug Spliff

Weed 10 10 60 20 20 25 Liquor Stores

The weakest form of weed, mostly pencil shavings and oregano. This is the stuff you used to get back in middle school.


Item drug Blunt

Weed 20 50 50 40 40 35 Liquor Stores

Your standard, run-of-the-mill blunt. Good for glaucoma and Phish concerts.


Item drug Bong

Weed 40 40 30 80 80 65 Liquor Stores



  • Pedro is a brand of soda featured in soda machines. Pedro soda machines are located inside buildings throughout Stilwater. However, nothing can be purchased from the machines.
  • King Georg is a brand of premium wine (on billboard, west of Bainbridge Tower).
  • Smokey Dave's is a brand of Cigarettes.
  • Real High Soda Pop is a brand of Soda.
  • X brew is a brand of Beer.
  • Pussy Liqueurs - go ahead, spoil yourself (sign on some Taxis and Peterliner trailers.
  • Rotting Fruit Drink is a brand of fruit juice featured in vending machines.
  • Orange Blax is a brand of fruit juice featured in vending machines.
  • Crapped Out Coffee is a brand of Coffee vending machines with the slogan: "Spew a Brew TODAY!"
  • Saints Flow is a Saints-branded energy drink. It is sold at Planet Saints stores (cans on store selves). There are Saints Flow Mascots and vending machines. When exposed to radiation, Saints Flow can even grant super powers (Super Sprint, telepathy, super strength, and fire pyrokineic fireballs).
  • Joe Cola is a cola company which is all over Steelport and has a buyable property, Joe Cola Factory. Adverts are on benches, billboards and on top of taxis. Inside of Steelport News their are cardboard cut-outs of a white hair street punk adversting marketing to young people "The Saints Enjoy Bustin' Da Caps off of JOE COLA, DAWG!" and 12 packs cost $5.99. According to Zimos[when?], when Joe Cola first came out it he says it "tasted like toilet water laced with cocaine" (likely a reference to Coke a Cola which originally did contain cocaine). Joe Cola vending machines and Mascots also exist.
    • The logo for Joe Cola features the face of a soldier famously used as a 1942 coffee rationing poster. It has since found its way on the internet as meme posters. Cup of coffee back then was referred to as "a cup of Joe", hence the usage of the logo.
  • Burlord is a brand of beer
  • Olde Steel is brand of beer made right in the city of Steelport. It is known as "The Star of all Beers". They even have their own Mascot (who resembles the Joe Cola mascots).


  • Restaurants Tutorial text
  • Smokey Dave's Cigarettes
  • Real High Soda Pop
  • X brew beer
  • Pedro Beer Label
  • Alcohol Label Varients
  • Alcohol Label Varients
  • Alcohol Label Varients
  • Alcohol Label Varients
  • Olde Steel beer logo

References Edit

  1. YouTube: Saints Row: The Third - Community Q&A #1 retrieved 17th September 2011
This article contains no references. See Help:Cite.
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