Feed Dogs Logo

Feed Dogs' logo, as pictured on the bass drum.

Feed Dogs are a band in Saints Row 2.


Feed Dogs' vocalist and lead guitarist is Maero's tattooist and best friend, Matt. They are poorly reviewed and Maero often comments on Matt's lack of guitar skill and brilliant tattoo art, saying he should "Drop the guitar and stick with the tattoos".[reference?]Maero met Jessica Parish at one of their concerts. Shaundi used to like the Feed Dogs and is still bitter that Veteran Child burnt her limited edition Feed Dogs vinyl when stoned.[1]

The Protagonist ends the band when he burns Matt's hand at a gig. The Stilwater Gazette reports that this was hailed as the best Feed Dogs concert ever.[2]


There are 3 radio advertisements related to the Feed Dogs, these do not play after the mission Thank You and Goodnight!

MUS SHARED 00055 Feed Dogs
Feed Dogs

MUS SHARED 00075 Rustys Needle
Rusty's Needle

MUS SHARED 00074 Sephren Nichols
Sephren Nichols

DJ Veteran Child of 89.0 Generation X radio station does not like the Feed Dogs. After playing "Put Your Money Your Mouth Is" by Jet, VC sometimes says that Jet is what the Feed Dogs would sound like, if they didn't suck. Matt himself calls up the channel and asks why he said they suck.

Corndog of The Krunch 106.66 dislikes Feed Dogs, and Matt calls the station demanding to know why he attacks them. He simply responds "Uh, probably because you guys are a buncha hacks?". Matt also calls in to The Krunch pretending to be someone else and requesting they play a Feed Dogs song, but Corndog catches him out.

Darius Masters of 107.77 The Mix FM also dislikes the Feed Dogs. Before playing "Down Under" by Men At Work, Darius may sometimes ask what kind of music he should listen to, a caller asks for Feed Dogs, and Darius replies "Wrong answer, asshole!".


  • The only member of Feed Dogs defined in the game files is Matt; the other band members are randomly generated whenever the cutscene "And the Band Played On" is viewed.
  • In Volition, Inc.'s other game franchise, Red Faction: Guerrilla, they are often mentioned to the game's protagonist by the people of Mars.[reference?]
  • In Saints Row: The Third a Feed Dogs CD is inside Cribs.
  • In Saints Row IV when speaking to CID as a Homie, Veteran Child asks CID to play one of their songs.[3]
  • According to pedestrians, the Feed Dogs made a cover of Aisha's "Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife".[4]
  • Excluding the Feed Dogs' personal radio ad, the only supportive ad or supporter is Rusty's Needle.


  • Feed Dogs' logo from the bass drum
  • CD front cover
  • CD back cover


  1. Dialogue: Homie conversation

    Veteran Child and Shaundi

    Veteran Child: "I gotta say, Shaundi, you're looking really good."
    Shaundi: "Don't you fucking talk to me."
    Veteran Child: "Come on, if we're gonna work together, you have to get over..."
    Shaundi: "Get over what?! That you tried to kill my friends, that you used me as a Human Shield, or that you threw my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire?"
    Veteran Child: "Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible. I can't believe you ever liked..."
    Shaundi: "IT WAS A LIMITED EDITION! We're not talking anymore."
    Homie Convo DJVC Shaundi
  2. Mission: Thank You and Goodnight!
  3. Dialogue: Homie conversation

    Veteran Child and CID

    Veteran Child: "So can you play music or anything useful?"
    CID: "Yes, I have quite a large library of music from your world."
    Veteran Child: "Anything by the Feed Dogs?"
    CID: "Yes."
    Veteran Child: "Let's hear it, you pick."
    CID: "No."
    Veteran Child: "I thought you were some kind of servant robot, so come on, play something."
    CID: "The only time I serve anyone is if I get paid, but for Fun Shaundi's ex, I will make an exception and just say piss off."
    Homie Convo DJVC CID
  4. Dialogue:
    That Feed Dogs cover of 'Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife' is amazing.
    — Female biker

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