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Factories map in Saints Row 2
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Factories is a district of Stilwater in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Saints RowEdit

Located in the southwest of Stilwater, the Factories District is made up of four neighborhoods:

The Carnales are in control of this district at the beginning of the game. They use a large factory located on the eastern edge of the district to manufacture drugs, until the 3rd Street Saints take control of the factory.[1]

Saints Row 2Edit

A few years later, the amount of neighborhoods in the district has decreased with the Fox Drive neighborhood being moved to the Docks & Warehouses district.

In Saints Row 2, this district is under the control of the Sons of Samedi, despite being fully cut off from the rest of their territory- surrounded by The Brotherhood on three sides and no bridge access across the bay to the north.

Saints Row Edit

Saints Row 2 Edit

This District contains:


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  1. Mission: Trojan Horse
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