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Eye for an Eye is a business in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Description Edit

The business is ran by Afro-Caribbean black magic performers who specialize in voodoo. The business can be used for the revival of certain 3rd Street Saints lieutenants after their death as part of the storyline.

Saints Row Edit

After the death of Lin in the mission "Burying Evidence",[1] phoning Eye for an Eye will unlock Zombie Lin as a homie.

Saints Row 2 Edit

After the death of Carlos Mendoza in the mission "Red Asphalt", phoning Eye for an Eye will unlock Zombie Carlos as a homie.

Trivia Edit

  • The Saints Row radio ad for Eye for an Eye mentions Baron Samedi, the namesake of the Sons of Samedi. Both Eye for an Eye and the Sons of Samedi, particularly their lieutenant Mr. Sunshine, practice voodoo.
  • The phone number for Eye for an Eye is 555-5966 (LYNN), which is a reference to the original spelling of Lin's name.[2]
  • In Saints Row 2, when calling Eye for an Eye after the mission Red Asphalt, Zombie Carlos says "Braaaaaaaaaaaainssss".
  • In Saints Row 2, there is a bus stop advert for Eye for an Eye which reads "Eye for an Eye, VOODOO Call 555-5966". The ad can be located at bus stops in multiple places around Stilwater, and also contains a poster for Aisha's album "The Other Six".
  • Eye for an Eye is not present in either Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, but Zombie Gat can be obtained by completing Saints Row: The Third.


  • Calling "Eye for an Eye" in Saints Row 2

References Edit

  1. Cutscene: "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..."
  2. Note: Many filenames related to Lin are spelled "Lynn".
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