Explosive Combat Pack
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Saints Row: The Third


160 Microsoft Points
$1.99 on Steam and PSN






New DLC Available Now!

Explosive Combat Pack is a downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third.


In addition to that, we know that there are also some citizens of Steelport that want a little more brute-force firepower when attempting to take down enemy gangs, or even STAG. Luckily, the Saints R&D department have come up with the brand new "Explosive Combat DLC Pack", where not only will you get the brand new Future Soldier Outfit, with included mask and backpack, but you'll be outfitted with the M2 Grenade Launcher, allowing you to clear out some difficult situations quickly and effectively.
— Site Description

The Explosive Combat Pack comes with an outfit and the M2 Grenade Launcher. This DLC pack can be purchased via Xbox Live for 160 Microsoft Points. It can also be purchased of steam and PSN for $1.99.[1]

Empire Fighter OutfitEdit

Explosive Combat Pack promo

The "Empire Fighter" outfit+the grenade launcher from the "Explosive Combat Pack"

The "Empire Fighter" Outfit, and made up of 6 pieces of Clothing, the Empire Helmet, Future Soldier Body Armor, Empire Pack, Future Soldier Gloves, Battalion Pants and Future Soldier Boots. These pieces of clothing can also be worn separately.



  • Explosive Combat Pack unlock screen
  • Explosive Combat Pack promo


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