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Epic Jump Quest description

Epic Jump Quest is an Achievement in Saints Row IV.

Jump from the roof of 3 Count to the Nuke Plant, without touching the ground or other rooftops.
— Description of this Achievement


The Achievement starts when jumping off any part of the 3 Count roof, including the top of the smokestacks. The Achievement is awarded when approaching the Burns Hill Reactors, but it is not necessary to actually touch the roof.

There is no feedback given while attempting to complete this achievement, so it is not possible to know whether the attempt is still active.

The only feedback regarding this Achievement is the "Achievement Unlocked" Message upon completion. There is no in-game confirmation or reward for completing the Achievement, so subsequent successful completion of the Jump Quest does not give any feedback.


  • Touching a horizontal surface fails the attempt.
  • When running up the side of buildings, small ledges count as rooftops and fails the attempt.
  • Fully upgrade jumping and gliding to reduce the total number of jumps.
  • The Abduct-O-Matic can provide initial elevation, reducing the total number of jumps.
  • The Achievement can be completed easily by spawning an aircraft after jumping off the 3 Count roof, and flying to the Burns Hill Reactors.
    • Using this method can unlock the Achievement immediately after The Fundamentals, before gaining any Powers.
    • It is not necessary to exit the vehicle to unlock the achievement, because it is not necessary to touch the roof.


  • This achievement is unique in that it requires the player to do something which they are unlikely to do normally, and which requires specifically attempting in order to complete.
  • Although the descriptive specifically states from 3 Count to the Nuke Plant, it is also possible to unlock the achieve by doing this backwards.
  • This quest returns in Gat out of Hell as Epic Flight Quest.


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