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Element of Destruction Pack
Ui dlc pack el explode

Saints Row IV





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Element of Destruction Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


The DLC comes with an explosive element to all four active Super Powers, all of which can devastate a large group of enemies in one hit and weaken a Warden if it is frozen.

Elemental effects are especially effective against large groups of weak enemies, even more if many pedestrians are in the area, but its effects are weak against strong enemies.

Blast is a fireball that explodes, then makes any enemy killed by the explosion explode in return with the same effect. This can virtually make an infinite chain of explosions if enough targets are within explosion radius, and is perfect to decimate large groups of weak enemies, such as in survival waves.

Telekinesis, Stomp and Buff turn NPCs in affected areas into bombs that explode after a short time, once again with chain reaction effect though less powerful than Blast.




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