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There are many hidden "Easter Eggs" in the Saints Row series.


Easter Eggs are secrets hidden in video games and films which are not related to the plot and reference something from outside the story.

This page is not a repository of all Trivia. There are many movie, literary, and popular culture references through-out the game, such as quotes, Mission names, mission events and Achievement names. These are listed in the Trivia section of each article.

See the pages for game credits for a list of in-game references to developers.

31 TheoryEdit

During Kinzie's Homie conversation with Josh in Saints Row: The Third, she mentions her "31 Theory".

The 31 Theory. Anything important is always connected to a 31. Nyte Blayde Season 3; best season, aired in January, had thirteen episodes.
— Kinzie, in a Homie conversation with Josh[1]

Many works of fiction often contain multiple references to the same number, usually the favorite number of the writer. TVtropes refers to this concept as an Arc Number.

Here are some other in-game references to 31 and 13, some obviously deliberate, some possibly coincidental.

Saints RowEdit

Saints Row 2Edit

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Saints Row IVEdit


Cabbits are included in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

Boy ToyEdit

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In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, there are numerous instances of "Boy Toy" magazines featuring Shaundi's Playboy Virtual Vixen image.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

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Saints Row: IVEdit

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Blowup DollsEdit

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Saints RowEdit

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Saints Row 2Edit

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

(Not including Collectibles)
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Saints Row: IVEdit

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The Volition logo, as well as the name Volition, are included in many places in-game.

Saints Row
  • Magazine back covers have the Volition logo.[30]
  • Boxes in Theft have the Volition logo.[31]
Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
  • The Nyte Blayde and Gangstas in Space comic books are published by "Volition Comics".[33]
Saints Row IV
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Saints RowEdit


There are many Civilian suicide locations in Saints Row.[34][35]

Suiciding Civilians stand at the cliff edge until approached by The Protagonist, then they say a random line and jump.

I can't take writing all these persona lines
I can't take writing all these persona lines VOC-BM 2234
— Black male civilian before committing suicide

Judges, get your score-cards ready!
Saints Row Suicider VOC-AF 0938
— Asian female before committing suicide

Teddy bearEdit

Inside the Lopez Mansion is a locked room containing a Teddy bear full of money. The door can be opened by an explosion, and the bear will break open when shot (but is invulnerable to explosions).[36]

K6 Krukov spawnEdit

A K6 Krukov spawns every 15 seconds on a basketball field north-east of the Abandoned Police Station.[37]


There are multiple buildings named "Chuk Niuk's Books", referring to Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club.[38]

Saints Row 2Edit

Secret AreasEdit

In Saints Row 2, there is a Collection Diversion to find 32 Secret Areas, many of which could be considered "Easter Eggs".


There are many hidden Idle animations which The Protagonist can perform in Saints Row 2.

Civilians can perform Idle animations in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


There are many Civilian suicide locations in Saints Row 2.

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In Saints Row 2, there are several locations where Civilians with failed parachutes can fall from the sky.

Hockey maskEdit

Bones Temporary Weapon as mask

Jason's Mask

In Saints Row 2, there is a Hockey mask near the lake to the north of Mount Claflin,[39] which is similar to Jason Voorhees' mask from the movie Friday the 13th.

It can be picked up as an Improvised Weapon, called "Bones". When picked up, it appears as the hockey mask, but when the player walks away from the original location, it turns into a skull. When replaced, it turns back into the mask after a few seconds.

Baby Sea MonsterEdit

Near the Secret Area known as Super Secret Area, there is a small "Sea Monster" which swims in a large circle. It is essentially the same as the fish which can be found swimming in many areas and follows a set path. It cannot attack, flee, or be killed.

It appears to be similar to the skeleton on Bone Island, and may be the same type of creature.


Merhman billboard

Mehrman billboard

Legend has it there's a half-man half-fish that lives down here
SR2 VOC WM 02853 Civilian Mehrman
— Random civilian comment

There is a billboard to the east of the Hotels & Marina district which says "Beware of the Mehrman", with the notes that he was last seen off the Marina Shore and is "Flippered and Dangerous".

There is a drawing of half-man half-fish, which does not look like "Baby Sea Monster".

Mehrman is a reference to Brian Mehrman, one of the art team.

Shock PaddlesEdit

When a corpse is lying on the ground, first walk a short distance away from the corpse and it will be lying flat with all limbs spread. Shock the body with the Shock Paddles and the corpse will be launched into the air.


The names on the graves in Mourning Woods Cemetery are all the names of developers.

Horror houseEdit

At 11pm until 4am every second night, horror-movie-like noises, voices, and screams can be heard coming from the house at the north end of the Mourning Woods Cemetery.


Easter Eggs readfictiontext
  • In several locations, there is an unenterable store named "Read Fiction" which parodies the name, font, and logo from Red Faction.[40][41][42][43]

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit


Dead Penguin

Dead PenguinEdit

Onboard Nossirah cargo ships, there is a dead penguin nailed to the bulkhead behind the ship's bridge.[44] Shooting the Penguin result in a blood spatter effect.

Missing ShipsEdit

Easter egg missing ships

On board all Cargo Ships is a list of "Missing Ships", both real and fictional.


Some dock cranes have a sword leaning against the base.[45] This sword is based on Finn's sword in the Adventure Time logo.

At least three are located in Salander.[46] One is directly west of Snatch, one is east of the Organ Blackmarket, and another is north of the Organ Blackmarket. The cranes closest to Kinzie's Warehouse do not have swords.


  • In Saints Row: The Third, there are several identical cargo ships called the Nossirah, which is "Harrison" spelled backwards.[why?]
  • All barges have the words "Tinsel Bee" and "Rolyat Leumas" on them. "Tinsel Bee" is a developer in-joke, while "Rolyat Leumas" is Samuel Taylor backwards, referring to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Violent noisesEdit

Several locations in the game have unexplained violent sound effects.

  • Hideaway Hotel near the Fight Club activity in Espina - someones screams and there is a neck snap noise.
  • Near the Saints HQ.
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Many of these are still present in Saints Row IV

Saints Row IVEdit

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Secret BasementEdit

The "Employee's Only" door at Let's Pretend can be shot open, and there is a secret room containing developer heads and the Tiny Pistol weapon.[47] Shooting the developer heads sets off fireworks within the basement.

Misc Edit

  • In the 50s Steelport simulation, there is a drive in movie theater featuring films titled 'Funset boulevard' 'a street car named retire' 'the day the earth stood steady' and 'dial M for mundane'. These are all references to films that are typically action-packed or horror, which have been reduced to their opposites in the simulation.

In other seriesEdit

  • The Saints Row series features many references to Red Faction, another series created by Volition, Inc., but Volition have confirmed that the Saints Row and Red Faction universes are not linked, and that the Ultor references were only intended as Easter Eggs.[48]
  • The announcement trailer for Agents of Mayhem , another series created by Volition, Inc, contains several references to Saints Row, but Volition have confirmed that while the series are linked, it is a new intellectual property and that the Saints do not exist in that game.
  • Divekick contains Johnny Gat as a playable character.[49][50]
  • There are Saints Row: The Third promotional items in Team Fortress 2.[51]


  • Location of Hockey Mask
  • A civilian jumping off a cliff in Saints Row
  • Saints Row suicide map
  • Close up of Mehrman face
  • Lopez Mansion Teddy bear
  • Read Fiction Used Books name
  • Read Fiction Used Books logo
  • A Read Fiction Store in Sommerset (Apartments)
  • A closer view of the ingame Read Fiction Store logo


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